18U: TSC notches 2-0 victory against Beadling


18U Girls TSC Showcase (TN) kicked off the 2017 US Youth Soccer National Championships on a high note as the Tennessee side defeated Beadling 99 (PA-W), 2-0.

Reflecting on the game, TSC head coach Kyle Roelke noted the familiar matchup against Beadling from National League, when TSC won 3-1 in North Carolina.

“It’s nice to get a win, but it’s good to get a win against a really good team as well,” Roelke said.

As both teams have experience in the National Championship Series yet are newcomers to Nationals, it was an even matchup for both teams. The game began with Beadling dictating the pace, but it didn’t take long for TSC to begin generating shots on target and gain a feel for the game.

One of TSC’s best chances in the first half occurred when Julie Garst received a ball facing her own goal, spun the defender and took a shot towards the left side, but Beadling goalkeeper Maya Shetty sprawled out for the save.

“We started the game well, but then I thought, end of the first half, we didn’t play our best,” TSC head coach Kyle Roelke said. “Second half, we talked about some things we wanted to change. The second half was so much better. We got in a rhythm early and were able to keep the ball, so I’m very proud of how we played in the second half.”

TSC came out of half hungry for a goal and stayed composed when a result didn’t come right away. In the 57th minute, Karlie Paschall launched a ball from the left flank across the goal for Garst to volley the ball into the net.

The goal served as a momentum boost for TSC as the Tennessee side maintained possession and worked for another goal. Several opportunities came TSC’s way, and the team made it a 2-0 game in the 83rd minute off of a counter attack. The ball bounced in the right direction for Paschall to run onto and slip past the goalkeeper.

“I thought we came in really confident, and we were believing in ourselves the entire game,” Garst said. “We came out hard and we finished hard.”