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96 Referees Chosen for the 2014 US Youth Soccer National Championships


2014 national FINAL

96 Referees Chosen for the 2014 US Youth Soccer National Championships

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FRISCO, Texas (July 16, 2014) — US Youth Soccer is pleased to announce the 96 referees who, based on their performance at the state and regional level, will be officiating the games at the 2014 US Youth Soccer National Championships, presented by the National Guard, July 22-27 in Germantown, Md. 

The selection process for referees for the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series is based on performance throughout the Series. Just as the teams advance from the state to regional to national level, so do the referees.

The United States Soccer Federation is sending five referee assessors to Germantown, in addition to several US Youth Soccer assessors. The referees are an integral part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, and they play a key role in its success and advancement to the next level. Being invited to the national level is a great honor for these referees who are dedicated to promoting fair play and furthering their development.

While US Youth Soccer has been represented by several former players on the world stage, the same can be said of referees. Mark Geiger, who has worked several matches at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, began his refereeing career with New Jersey Youth Soccer games before working his way up to the National Championships.

“I went to the [US Youth Soccer Region I] Regionals for six years. Each year, it was a goal to get myself selected for Nationals,” Geiger said. “It took a number of years to get there, so to finally achieve it was very exciting… We’re able to be seen at the National Championships by U.S. Soccer national assessors and national staff, so things started taking off from there.”

This year, 20 referees — five from each of US Youth Soccer’s four regions — will be returning to work at their second consecutive US Youth Soccer National Championships.

Referees participating in the 55 US Youth Soccer State Association State Cup events are considered for advancement to participate in one of the four US Youth Soccer Regional Championship events. The top referees from each regional event are then considered for advancement to the National Championships. Once selected to the National Championships, the top 20 referees are identified and invited to return to the event the following year.

Region I Referees

First Name Last Name Assoc. Grade
Logan Brown NJ NC
Nathaniel Buck PA-W 6
Rosario Candela* E-NY 5
David  Cochrane  E-PA 6
Bobby Cordrey DE 6
Matthew DeBlois* RI 6
Brian DiPaolo E-NY 6
Sergio Gonzalez E-PA 6
Gary Gutierrez MD 6
Kiah Haslett VA 6
Melvin Holmes* E-PA 6
Dustin Killick E-PA 7
Kali Langevin NH 7
Miguel Lara RI 6
Justen Lopez* E-NY 5
Ian McKay* MA 4
Katherine  Mitchell VA 6
Terrence Mull E-PA 6
Rabee Naji NY-W 6
Max Perkins MA 6
Ivan Stevanovic VA 6
Abigail Van Note ME 7
Victor Vazquez E-NY 6
Alexandria White** MA 7

**Replaced by Kenneth Rojas, E-NY, Grade 6  

Region II Referees

First Name Last Name Assoc. Grade
Keith Angel* IL 5
Nick Balcer MI 6
Brandon Barlog MI 6
Adam Behrens WI 5
Kyle Burkhardt* MN 4
Jamie Duling OH-S 6
Kevin Fikar OH-N 7
Emily Fletcher KS 6
Sean Gorrell OH-N 6
BJ Hall KY 6
Jacob Johnson IN 6
Jeremy Kieso SD 5
Kristina Nikl IA 7
Amber O'Connor MN 7
Edgar Osorio IL 6
Nemanja Pandzic MO 5
Johann Pedolzky KY 7
Duncan Purvis MI 6
Nicolas Ramos IL 6
Chris Ruska* WI 5
Ronald Stuver* OH-N 5
Justin Tatsak MI 6
Paul Terry KY 5
Tyler Turner* IA 5

Region III Referees

First Name Last Name Assoc. Grade
Mike Arrington S-TX 5
Tamara Cherry OK 7
Brandon Cohen LA 6
Alexander DeRostaing FL 5
Guido Gonzales GA 5
Ryan Graves NC 6
Michael M. Gregory NC 6
Walter Lewis Heatherly TN 7
Christina Hutchinson* S-TX 5 NC
Mike Lavergne S-TX 7
Brooke Ashley Mayo TN 6
Rosendo Mendoza S-TX 6
Jasmine Peralta FL 5
Jennifer Politz* LA 5 NC
Jonathan Quinter FL 5
Kaylib Robinson NC 6
Dallas Rosier SC 7
Nima Saghafi* OK 5 NC
Natalie Simon FL 7
Justin Trzepacz N-TX 5
Nick Uranga* GA 5
Trent VanHaitsma FL 5
Rubiel Vazquez* FL 5
Aleks Zhelyazkov GA 5

Region IV Referees

First Name Last Name Assoc. Grade
William Leland Aten* CO 5
Kate Chapman CA-S 5
Cuauhtemoc Delgadillo NM 6
Andrew  Deuker* OR 6
Forrest Dunnahoo NM 6
Dee Enriquez CA-S 7
Justin Fillmore CO 7
Reyna Fonseca CA-S 5
Oscar Gaspar CA-S 6
Logan Griffis WA 6
Joshua Haimes WA 6
Kelsey Harms WA 7
Connor Hazelwood WA 6
Ian Johnson WA 6
Kristi Mak ID 7
Jesus Moreno WA 7
Luis Nunez* CA-N 6
Michelle Provan CA-S 6
Michael Radchuk* CA-S 5
Tucker Schwarberg CA-N 6
Raul Sheran WA 6
Ceciah Valero CA-S 6
Kyle Wiest CA-N 7
Adam Zarrin* CO 5

*Returning referee from 2013 

Each summer, the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series crowns the boys and girls national champion in seven age groups (Under-13 through Under-19). The finals are a culmination of a year-long series of competitions at the state and regional levels which provides approximately 185,000 players on over 10,000 teams from 55 US Youth Soccer State Associations the opportunity to showcase their soccer skills against the best competition in the nation.