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96 Referees Chosen for the 2018 US Youth Soccer National Championships



96 Referees Chosen for the 2018 US Youth Soccer National Championships

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FRISCO, Texas (July 20, 2018) — US Youth Soccer is pleased to announce the 96 referees who, based on their performance at the state and regional level, will be officiating the games at the 2018 US Youth Soccer National Championships, July 24-29 in Frisco, Texas. 

The selection process for referees for the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series is based on performance throughout the Series. Just as the teams advance from the state to regional to national level, so do the referees.

The United States Soccer Federation is sending referee assessors to Frisco, in addition to several US Youth Soccer assessors. The referees are an integral part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, and they play a key role in its success and advancement to the next level. Being invited to the national level is a great honor for these referees who are dedicated to promoting fair play and furthering their development.

This year, 20 top referees will be returning to work at their second consecutive US Youth Soccer National Championships based on their performance at last year's tournament.

Referees participating in the 55 US Youth Soccer State Association State Cup events are considered for advancement to participate in one of the four US Youth Soccer Regional Championship events. The top referees from each regional event are then considered for advancement to the National Championships. Once selected to the National Championships, the top referees are identified and invited to return to the event the following year.

East Region Referees

Name State Association Grade
Justin Asari New Hampshire 7
Nicholas Barbera Virginia 6
Victor Borges* Connecticut 5
Patrick Casey* Eastern Pennsylvania 6
Ronny Castillo Eastern New York 6
Christian Centeno Eastern New York 6
Joshua Encarnacion* Eastern Pennsylvania 6
William Ferris Connecticut 6
Stephen Foster Maryland 6
Joseph Franks Eastern Pennsylvania 7
Andrew Grenier Rhose Island 6
Leah Hayes Massachusetts 6
Meghan Mullen Virginia 6
Ryan Nee Maryland 7
Ariel Raban Eastern Pennsylvania 6
Charles Raney Virginia 5
Benjamin Schnell Eastern New York 7
Justin Sharpe West Virginia 6
Kevin Skaalerud Eastern New York 6
Max Smith* Virginia 5
Juliano Soares Connecticut 5
Georgia Stinchfield Rhode Island 7
Hao Zhong Eastern New York 6
Michael Ziegler* Eastern New York 6

Midwest Region Referees

Name State Association Grade
Joshua Abts Michigan 6
Josh Agins Illinois 6
Landon Albert* Illinois 6
Ramazan Altun* Indiana 6
Bradley Barlog Michigan 6
Grace Barrett Indiana 6
Nabil Bensalah Indiana 6
Peter Bernardy* Wisconsin 5
Conlan Campbell Michigan 6
Connor Dunn Minnesota 6
Youseef Elmessoussi Indiana 6
Benjamin Gutierrez Minnesota 6
Joseph Knoff Michigan 7
Michael Koziara Michigan 6
Jacob Larson Iowa 6
Lauren Lutikoff Ohio North 7
Philip Meersman Wisconsin 7
Kevin Ortega Illinois 7
Vincent Ragone Ohio North 6
Jayton Schmeeckle Nebraska 7
Brad Snow Ohio North 6
Neven Stojsavljevic* Wisconsin 5
Joseph Suchoski* Michigan 6
Omar Tinoco Missouri 7

South Region Referees

Name State Association Grade
Seth Barton Oklahoma 6
Alejo Calume Florida 6
Juan Pablo Casas Florida 6
Alex Connelly* Louisiana 5
Matthew Corrigan Oklahoma 6
Robert Dail* North Carolina 6
Gerald Flores South Texas 6
Jonathan Fogo Tennessee 7
Garrison Fratoni North Carolina 6
Tyler Garrigus North Texas 7
Sara Griggs South Carolina 7
Kyle Johnston Gerogia 6
Jason Kuehl Alabama 6
Kendal McCardell Alabama 7
Zach McWhorter Tennessee 6
Michael Mysiewicz Tennessee 6
Alyssa Pennington* Mississippi 5
Carlos Pielago Tennessee 6
Celeste Roberts Georgia 7
Cody Rowden South Texas 6
Jonathan Sauers* Alabama 5
Kaleb Shelton Louisiana 6
Alexandra Theriot South Texas 7
Jamie Willis* Florida 6

West Region Referees

Name State Association Grade
Uriel Aguilera Nevada 6
Elias Anosov Colorado 6
Isai Baltezar California North 6
Melissa Beck Arizona 6
Karen Callado Ferreira California South 6
Bhavik Dutt California North 6
Nicholas Gastelum Arizona 6
Adrian Gonzalez* California 6
Mike Honholz* Washington 5
Bryan Juarez* California 6
Eric Krueger Oregon 6
Maria Magana Magana California South 7
Megan McCain Colorado 6
Jaclyn Metz Washington 7
Kevin Pantaleon California South 6
David Ramirez California South 6
Andie Reyes California South 6
Alan Rios Arizona 7
Joseph Salinas* California South 6
Kalie Smith* Utah 6
Justin St Pierre Washington 6
Brandon Stevis California South 6
Dejan Susak Arizona 6
Julian Tafolla-Cisneros Washington 6

* Top returning referee from 2017 National Championships

Each summer, the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series crowns the boys and girls National Champion in seven age groups (13U through 19U). The finals are a culmination of a year-long series of competitions at the state and regional levels which provides approximately 185,000 players on over 10,000 teams from 55 US Youth Soccer State Associations the opportunity to showcase their soccer skills against the best competition in the nation.

Annually, the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series provides the nation’s top collegiate and professional coaches with the premier stage to identify and scout the most coveted players in the country.

One of the 14 national crowns awarded is the 19-and-Under James P. McGuire Cup, the oldest trophy in youth sports, dating back to 1935 with the inaugural youth championships, and played annually except during World War II. Officially known as the United States Soccer Federation National Junior Challenge Cup, the competition was renamed the James P. McGuire Junior Champion Cup in 1975, after the late United States Soccer Federation President.