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Media Applications

Applications for 2019 US Youth Soccer Regional and National Championships:

US Youth Soccer Eastern Regional Championships | West Virginia

US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Championships | Saginaw, Mich.

US Youth Soccer Southern Regional Championships | Baton Rouge, La.

US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships | Boise, Idaho

Media Guidelines:

Pregame - Photographers will be allowed on the playing field only for special ceremonies, such as the march-out of the teams and referees. All photographers must exit the field once the referee signals for teams to begin final pregame preparations.

In game - Photographers may take photographs and place equipment only in designated areas during the game, stoppages of play including halftime, and kicks from the penalty spot. Photographers have access to all sides of the field with these restrictions:

  • Sidelines
    • On the spectator side of the field (opposite team benches), photographers may work from any point along the sidelines, 2 yards (6') away from the sideline.
    • On the team bench side, photographers may work from the corner flag to within 5 yards (15') of the team bench area, which is marked by the outside edges of the tents erected over each bench, and 2 yards away from the sideline. No photographs may be taken from the team bench area at any time, but photographers may pass behind the benches to move around the field.
  • Endlines
    • Photographers are restricted to the area located between the corner flag and the penalty box (large box), and 3 yards (9') away from the endline. The intermission between regulation time and overtime, overtime intermission and kicks from the penalty spot are considered "in game."
Postgame - Photographers are allowed to enter the playing field and team bench area immediately following the final whistle and signal by the referee ending the game, including the conclusion of kicks from the penalty spot.

Pregame - Reporters are not allowed on the playing field and may not interview players at any time during the warm-up period. Reporters may approach coaches in the team bench area during the warm-up period.

In game - Reporters will follow the access guidelines listed above for photographers. Reporters are not allowed inside the bench area during the game, except to move around the field. At halftime and overtime intermissions, reporters may approach the team representative if necessary to clarify questions about goal scorers, assists, time, etc. Do not approach the fourth official with these questions.

Postgame - Please allow players and coaches to exit the playing field and gather their equipment before beginning interviews. This will allow the bench area to clear faster as a courtesy to the teams playing in the following game.

Media Workroom
A media workroom will be available at the soccer complex. The room will contain office space for working media, electrical outlets and internet access.


Media Guidelines Field Map