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2012 Region III Championships continue


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GREENVILLE, S.C. (June 16, 2012) – The US Youth Soccer Region III (South) Championships, presented by the National Guard, continued today at the MeSA Soccer Complex in Greenville, S.C. The National Guard's partnership with US Youth Soccer is focused on enriching the soccer experience by positively influencing players and coaches in areas of leadership and character development while adding a strong presence of American pride.

On day two of the championships, passion was on display as teams jockeyed for pool position in preparation for the last day of preliminary games. After more than 200 games in two days, several teams have secured slots in the quarterfinals while many others have everything to play for on day three of the tournament. Sunday games begin at 8:15 a.m. ET and continue throughout the day with the final matches beginning at 6:30 p.m.

In U-17 Boys pool play, West Pines United (FL) bounced back from a day one loss with a convincing win over HFC Blue (AL). Andres Payne started the scoring late in the first half as he slotted home a rebound. A Sergio Quintero double in the last 15 minutes of play and a Nicolas Souberville goal just before time ensured a 4-0 victory for West Pines.

Jacksonville United FC (FL) continued its winning ways this week with a 3-1 win over Eclipse 93 (S-TX). After finding the net seven times on day one, Eclipse was held to just one goal by Jacksonville United. Three different players lifted the Florida team, with Suneel Mudaliar, Adam Demetree and Christopher Azar all finding the net.

Georgia state champ and National League team Concorde Fire Elite notched its second win in as many days with a gritty 2-0 victory over BRSC/CSC Alliance (LA). Cameron Bean struck first in the 36th minute and Max Poore added an insurance goal in the 79th. Concorde Fire Elite has secured a spot in the quarterfinal round.

Looking to be the first Arkansas team to advance beyond the quarterfinals in regionals, Aztecas 95 (AR) earned a hard-fought draw versus 49 CFSC Breakers White (NC). On day one, Aztecas showed grit to come back and win from a 1-0 deficit. That same grit was on display as Aztecas and CFSC battled end-to-end on day two on the way to a 0-0 score line.

In the U-15 Girls bracket, after failing to score on the opening day, Challenge 97 (TX-S) found the net in just the second minute against NASA 15 Elite (GA) off the boot of Keely Abt. NASA would fight back and a goal by Kristian Leone brought the teams level in the 51st. Less than 10 minutes later, Challenge 97’s Jaylen Hinckley scored what proved to be the game winner to secure a 2-1 win.

In the pool’s other game, Palm Beach Soccer Academy - Magic Jacks (FL) and SSA/WGFC United 97 Elite (GA) battled back and forth to a 2-2 draw. SSA struck first with a Donye Monroe goal in the 15th. Jacqueline Byers equalized for Palm Beach in the 32nd, before Dallas Weaver put SSA back in front just five minutes later. Sabrina Chung leveled the game yet again just two minutes in to the second half to keep Palm Beach atop the standings in pool A.

97 FC Alliance (TN) secured a place in the quarterfinal with a win over Canadian Valley FC 97 (OK). Two goals in the first 15 minutes of the second half, one by Bailey Williams and one by Delaney Griffin, set the Tennessee team up for victory. Canadian Valley pulled one back in the 63rd, but it wasn’t enough as FC Alliance claimed a 2-1 win.

Red hot 97 Louisiana Fire (LA) cruised to victory over Auburn Thunder (AL) on day two. Leading scorer in the group Alexandra Thomas scored her second hat trick in two days to lift Louisiana. A Kassandra Gonzalez goal and Cadie Higginson double rounded out the scoring. Louisiana Fire and FC Alliance will play for seeding purposes on the final day of preliminary games as they will both move on to the knockout rounds of the tournament.

Seeking out future roster spots, numerous college coaches have registered for the Region III Championships. Year after year the coaches enjoy the level of performance and urgency that comes when the teams play for advancement in the National Championship Series. 

Regional winners of the Under-14 through Under-19 brackets earn a berth to the 2012 US Youth Soccer National Championships in Rock Hill, S.C., July 25-29 at Manchester Meadows.

Complete Saturday Scores:

Group Rep Away Score Rep Home Score
Under-13 SC CESA 98 Premier 1 GA NASA 17 Elite 0
Under-13 LA BRSC 99 Black 0 AL VHSC Steamers 99 Black 2
Under-13 NC 98 CASL Elite Black 1 TX-N Solar Chelsea Red 99 3
Under-13 TX-S Texas Rush 99-Prep 4 AR Mighty Bluebirds Green 0
Under-13 OK OFC 99 3 MS BSO Real MS Blazers 0
Under-13 FL Pinecrest Premier Blue 3 TN 99 Lobos Blue 4
Under-14 TX-N FC Dallas 98B Premier 1 TN FC Alliance 98 Black 1
Under-14 SC SCU/MP 97 Elite 1 TN BWSC 98 Premier 0
Under-14 FL Sunrise Elite 97\98 2 NC 97 CASL Elite 0
Under-14 TX-S Texas Rush 97/98 Premier 1 OK Oklahoma Football Club 0
Under-14 AR AR Comets 98 Premier 0 OK TSC Hurricane 98 4
Under-14 GA GSA 98 Phoenix Red 3 MS SMSC FC United 98 2
Under-14 LA BRSC Black 98 0 GA Atlanta Fire United 98 Elite 2
Under-14 AL HSC Phantoms 98 0 FL Pinecrest Premier 1
Under-15 FL West Pines Utd Black 1 AR NWA Lightning Strikers 97 1
Under-15 SC SCU/MP 96 Elite 5 MS TFC United 97 0
Under-15 TX-S Lonestars 97 Red SAN 2 TX-S Manchester United Houston 97 2
Under-15 OK OFC 97 2 LA 97 LA Fire Red 0
Under-15 AL VHSC Steamers 97 Black 0 NC 96 Casl Elite 2
Under-15 GA Concorde Fire Elite 1 TN Brentwood 97 Premier 1
Under-15 GA GSA Phoenix 97 Red 2 TX-N FC Dallas 97 Central 0
Under-15 FL SAA Real Madrid Miami 2 AR LRFC North 0
Under-16 AR Arkansas Comets 96 Premier 0 SC CESA 95 Premier 2
Under-16 LA Cajun Soccer Club Fury 96 1 GA Concorde Fire Elite 2
Under-16 TX-S Lonestars 96 Red NTH 2 OK TSC Hurricane 96 Mcintosh 0
Under-16 FL West Pines United Black 1 TN Tennessee Rush 96 Nike 1
Under-16 TN Brentwood 96 Premier 1 NC 95 NCA Alliance 1
Under-16 GA GSA 96 Phoenix Red 3 OK OFC 96 1
Under-16 AL Vestavia Steamers 96 Black 1 OK OK Texans 2
Under-16 TX-N Dallas Texans West White 1 FL JUFC 95-96 2
Under-17 TX-S Eclipse Premier 95 1 FL Jacksonville United 94/95 3
Under-17 TX-S AHFC 95 1 TN Brentwood 95 Premier 1
Under-17 NC 94 CFSC Breakers White 0 AR AZTECAS 95 BOYS 0
Under-17 FL Tampa Bay United Premier 94 1 TX-N Solar Chelsea 95 0
Under-17 OK OFC 95  3 SC SCUFC 94 Elite  1
Under-17 GA Concorde Fire Elite 2 LA BRSC/CSC Alliance 0
Under-17 MS TFC United 95 1 AL Steamers 95 Black  5
Under-17 FL West Pines United FC 4 AL HFC 95 Blue 0
Under-18 AL Vestavia Steamers 94 1 TX-N AYSES Gold 2
Under-18 FL Florida Rush Nike 4 GA 94 Norcross Fury Premier 0
Under-18 SC CESA 94 Premier 5 LA BRSC 94 Black 3
Under-18 LA CFJ-LA 94 Louisiana Fire Blue 1 GA SSA Central Elite 94 2
Under-18 TN FC Alliance 94 Black 0 TX-N Dallas Texans Red 1
Under-18 TX-S Lonestar 94 Red North 0 SC CESA 93 Premier 2
Under-18 FL West Pines United FC Black 93/94 0 OK TSCH 94 Earle 2
Under-18 NC 93 CUFC Charlotte United Gold 3 SC SCU/MP 93 Boys Elite 0
Under-19 GA GSA 93 Phoenix Red 3 LA Chicago Fire Jrs. LA 0
Under-19 FL Florida Rush Nike 2 TX-S Texacans 92/93 Red 3
Under-19 NC 92 NCA Alliance 4 GA Alpharetta Ambush 93 Red 3
Under-19 FL CTC Bandits 2 TX-S Eclipse Premier 92/93 2
Under-19 NC 92 CASL Chelsea 2 SC CESA 92 Premier 1
Group Rep Away Score Rep Home Score
Under-13 SC CESA 98 Premier 0 OK Tulsa Blitz 99 white 3
Under-13 TX-S Lonestar 99 Red North 2 AL BUSA 99 United 2
Under-13 AR Little Rock Futbol Club 99 2 TX-N Dallas Texans 4
Under-13 LA MSC Lakers 1 MS BFC 99 0
Under-13 NC 98 CSA Charlotte SA Tiro 1 FL Sunrise Sting 98/99 1
Under-13 GA Tophat 17 Gold 5 TN TNFC 99 Valkyrie 0
Under-14 AR Arkansas Comets 98 0 AL Huntsville FC 98 Blue 0
Under-14 NC 97 CUFC Gold 1 FL FC Florida 97 Premier 3
Under-14 TX-S Texas Rush 97/98 Nike Blue 0 TX-S AHFC 98G 0
Under-14 TN TNFC 98 Avanti 2 MS TFC United 98 1
Under-14 SC CESA 97 Premier 2 TX-N Liverpool 98 Elite 2
Under-14 TN TNFC 98 Azzurri 1 OK Oklahoma Football Club 1
Under-14 OK Blitz United 98 Attack 2 GA CFC Lady Chiefs 98 Premier 1
Under-14 FL Ponte Vedra SC 97/98 Storm Gold 2 LA BRSC 98 Black 0
Under-15 GA NASA 15 Elite 1 TX-S Challenge 97 2
Under-15 FL Palm Beach Soccer Academy - Magic Jacks 2 GA SSA/WGFC United 97 Elite 2
Under-15 TX-N Sting 97 0 TX-S AHFC 97 1
Under-15 SC SCU/MP 96 Elite 0 NC 96 TFC Navy 2
Under-15 AL Auburn Thunder  0 LA 97 Louisiana Fire Blue 6
Under-15 TN 97 FC Alliance Black 2 OK Canadian Valley FC 97  1
Under-15 TN MSC Strikers Premier 97 1 TN Brentwood 97 Premier 1
Under-15 AR Arkansas Comets 97 Navy 0 GA GSA 97 Phoenix White 0
Under-16 AL HFC 96 Blue 0 GA Tophat 14 Gold 5
Under-16 TN FC Alliance 96 Black 2 TX-S AHFC 96 3
Under-16 GA United FA 96 Elite 0 TX-N Texans Red North 1
Under-16 NC 95 NCSF Elite 1 TX-S AHFC 96 Blue 0
Under-16 SC CESA 95 Premier 6 MS TFC United 96 0
Under-16 AR Little Rock FC 96 0 FL West Florida Premier 95 Elite 2
Under-16 GA NASA 14 Elite 0 OK OFC 96 3
Under-16 TN TNFC 96 Impact 3 LA Louisiana Fire Red 0
Under-17 NC 94 CASL Elite Ladies 3 TN FC Alliance 95 Black 2
Under-17 MS FC United 95 0 TX-S AHFC 95G 3
Under-17 SC CESA 94 Premier 1 TX-S Space City FC 95 Premier 1
Under-17 OK TSC Hurricane 95 Killingsworth 1 FL Brandon FC Flames - Blue 7
Under-17 AR NWA Lightning Strikers 0 LA 95 Louisiana Fire Red 2
Under-17 GA SSA Central 95 Elite 1 FL CFK 95 Black 4
Under-17 TX-N STING 95 1 TN 95 Lady Lobos 0
Under-17 AL BUSA Elite 0 NC 94 NC Fusion Elite 2
Under-18 GA 95 Concorde Fire South Elite 4 SC SCUFC 94G Elite 0
Under-18 LA BRSC 95 Black 1 OK OFC 94 8
Under-18 FL Tampa Bay United Premier 93 2 GA United FA 94 Elite 1
Under-18 GA NASA 12 Elite II 1 SC CESA 93 Premier 0
Under-18 TN Brentwood 94 Premier 1 FL Creeks Clash Blue 93/94 2
Under-18 NC 93 NCSF Elite 7 AL Legends 0
Under-18 TX-S Challenge 94 South Red 1 TX-N Dallas Texans Red West 0
Under-18 LA MSC Lakers 0 TX-S AHFC 94 2
Under-19 FL CCSC U19 SOL 1 TX-S Lonestar 93 Red 0
Under-19 GA SSA South 94 Elite 2 FL IMG 1
Under-19 NC 92 CASL Chelsea Ladies 1 TN Brentwood 93 Premier 4

The top 200 US Youth Soccer boys and girls teams from the 12 State Associations that make up US Youth Soccer Region III will compete for the 2012 regional title. Preliminary games will be held June 15-17 with quarterfinals, semifinals and finals June 18-21. Most games will be played at the MeSA Soccer Complex in Greenville, S.C, with U-19 preliminary games taking place at Wenwood Soccer Complex nearby.

The US Youth Soccer National Championships will consist of US Youth Soccer Regional Champions in the Under-14 through Under-19 Boys and Girls age groups as well as the US Youth Soccer National League qualifiers in the Under-15 through Under-17 Boys and Girls age groups to complete the field of 60 teams. 

Daily reports and complete results from the tournament are available on Follow the moments from the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series on Twitter and share the moments with us on Facebook.


About the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series – The US Youth Soccer National Championship Series provides more than 10,000 teams from US Youth Soccer's 55 State Associations the opportunity to showcase their abilities against the best in the nation while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and fair play. The yearlong competition begins with over 185,000 players in the US Youth Soccer State Championships.  These champions and selected wildcard teams, through US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues, advance to compete in one of four the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships. Champions (U-14 through U-19) from each regional event advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships.  The Under-15 through 17 Boys and Girls age groups have two teams representative of the US Youth Soccer National League, in which the top two teams in each gender age group earn a direct path to the national championships. Overall the National Championship Series provides top collegiate coaches with the premier stage to identify and scout the most coveted players in the country. For more information, visit

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