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College Coaches

Register as a College Coach to Access Free Player Profiles

Register with US Youth Soccer for access to event details and accommodations, team rosters and player information.  Certain events may post a list of college coaches in attendance, however, at no time will US Youth Soccer display coaches’ email addresses, or provide players with the ability to directly email coaches through the system.  This system is used to highlight those coaches attending events and to provide coaches with roster information, the player profile database and event information.

College Coach Registration

College Coach Login (for returning coaches)

FRONT RUSH Coach Packet



For those tech savvy coaches, you can now access the rosters/schedules for every US Youth Soccer Regional Championship directly from your mobile device. Through Coach Packet, scouting and evaluating talent is easier and more efficient than the old school hard-copies and PDFs.

Click here for to learn more about Coach Packet.


EVENT CALENDAR: Click on the link for each 2016-17 US Youth Soccer event for more information

Region I Championships | Spotsylvania, Va.
Virginia Soccer Training Center, Patriot Park & Embrey Mill Complex
June 30-July 4, 2017
Region II Championships | Sioux Falls, S.D.
Yankton Trail Park
June 23-28, 2017
Region III Championships | Greensboro, N.C.
Bryan Park Soccer Complex
June 23-29, 2017
Region IV Championships | Seattle, Wash.
60 Acres Soccer Complex
June 19-25, 2017
National Championships | Frisco, Texas
Toyota Soccer Complex
July 25-30, 2017
National League
Wilson, N.C. | Orlando, Fla. | Las Vegas, Nev.
Dec. 2016 | Dec. 2016 & Jan. 2017 | March 2017

College Coaches