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Final and semifinal matchups set at 2017 US Youth Soccer Region III Championships

region 3 final
Final and semifinal matchups set at 2017 US Youth Soccer Region III Championships

Final matchups determined in the 19/20U age group
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GREENSBORO, N.C. (June 27, 2017) — Four teams have played their way into the final matches of their groups and the remaining semifinals are set at the 2017 US Youth Soccer Region III Championships in Greensboro, N.C.

After Tuesday’s games at BB&T Soccer Complex at Bryan Park, the final pairings are now known for the 19/20U age groups.  

19/20 Girls Final: WSA 98 Girls Red (OK) vs. 98 CR Academy (NC)
19/20 Boys Final: NTH NASA 98 Elite (GA) vs. OFC 98 (OK)

For WSA 98 Red (OK), it has been all about humble beginnings. WSA has taken an unlikely path to get to the Region III Championships final match. Not only have they grown as a team, but they have grown as individuals as well. Coach Ryan Bush is quite proud of how his team arrived in the finale.

“It would be a tremendous honor to win the Region III Championships title. There are a lot of great teams here. Our girls have fought very hard to get to where we are. We haven’t had a lot of subs this week, but we just keep grinding,” Bush said.

WSA 98 Red has come a long way in the last couple of years. To punch a ticket to the National Championships would mean a lot to a team which has overcome its fair share of adversity.

“The journey has been very different for us, compared to other teams here. We came from the bottom, but all of the moments have been very transformational," Bush said. "The girls have overcome a lot to get to where they are. They have great team chemistry both on and off the field. As a team, family atmosphere is what we promote."

Here are a few recaps from Tuesday’s quarterfinal and semifinal matches…


19/20U Girls
To seal a spot in the Region III Championships finals, 98 CR Academy (NC) defeated Vestavia Attack 98 Black (AL), 4-0. Molly McGarry scored for 98 CR Academy in the 6th minute of play and eleven minutes later, Courtney Walker added a goal. The last goal of the first half was credited to Ashlynn Serepca in the 33rd minute. The lone goal of the second half was netted by Naomi Powell.  In the last four games, 98 CR Academy has scored 16 goals and only given up one. With the result, 98 CR Academy will advance onto the final match where they will meet WSA 98 Red (OK).

19/20U Girls
Elsewhere in the 19/20U Girls division, WSA 98 Red (OK) beat Tampa Bay United Premier (FL), 2-1. This action-packed matchup was scoreless in the first half, but the second half was full of chances for each team. The first to strike for either team was Tampa Bay’s Sydny Nasello in the 76th minute, but less than ten minutes later, WSA’s Stephanie Higginson answered. In overtime, the match was ultimately decided by Jaci Jones’ goal in the 117th minute. WSA 98 Red will fight for a spot at the US Youth Soccer National Championships with their upcoming game on Wednesday, June 28th. 

19/20U Boys
LEG-AZ Caimans 98 (FL) and NTH NASA 98 (GA) played to a scoreless match in one of the Region III Championships semifinals. The game was ultimately decided with kicks from the mark, in which NTH NASA was victorious. NTH NASA will battle against OFC 98 (OK) in the Region III Championships final match, which will be played on Wednesday, June 28. 

19/20U Boys
In an extremely tight semifinal match, OFC 98 (OK) edged Nashville FC 98 Revolution (TN). Though both teams played phenomenally throughout the game, the deciding factor was a goal from Dante Brigida. Over the course of the last five games, OFC 98 has scored on their opponents fourteen times and only given up two goals. In the final game of the 19/20U Boys division, OFC 98 will face NTH NASA 98 Elite (GA). 


Girls Recaps:

13U Girls

In a battle between two Texas clubs, Lonestar 04 Red (TX-S) overcame the Dallas Texans 04 South (TX-N), 3-1. In the opening minutes of play, Kalei Aurit was first to find the back of the net for Lonestar. McKenna O’Tolle made the score 2-0 for Lonestar in the 22nd minute. An own goal was scored in the 35th minute, upping the score to 3-0 heading into halftime. The Dallas Texans recorded a goal in the second half by SaMaya Mitchell. On Wednesday, June 28, Lonestar will battle Tennessee Soccer Club (TN) for a spot in the final match of Region III Championships.  
Semifinal matchups: Lonestar 04 RED (TX-S) vs. Tennessee Soccer Club (TN), TSC Hurricane 04 Griffin (OK) vs. NTH TopHat 04 Platinum (GA) 

18U Girls
To move on to one of the Region III Championships semifinal matches, UFA 99 Premier (GA) bested SSC Freedom (SC), 3-1. The first goal of the match was scored by UFA’s Allison Norton in the 32nd minute. To make the score 2-0, Meagan McInerney added another for UFA in the 67th minute. Callie Fagan found the back of the net for UFA in the 78th minute. The final goal of the match was scored by SSC Freedom’s Alejandra Gomez in the 80th minute. UFA 99 Premier will face TSC Showcase (TN) on Wednesday, June 28, to see who will advance to the Region III Championships final match. 
Semifinal matchups: UFA 99 Premier (GA) vs. TSC Showcase (TN), OFC 99 HAMPTON (OK) vs. FC Alliance 99 SRPL (TN) 

Boys Recaps:

17U Boys
In a riveting back and forth match, FC Dallas 00 Premier (TX-N) edged out SLSC 2000 Blue (OK). In just the third minute of play, Jose Garcia netted a goal for FC Dallas; Nathan Dominguez added another to make it 2-0. The third goal for FC Dallas came in the 42nd minute when Caleb Meyer put one past the keeper. SLSC fought back in the second half with a goal from Axelarturo Ramirez. The final goal of the match came from Ulises Urbina in the 65th minute. FC Dallas held on with a strong defensive backline to capture the 3-2 result. With the win, FC Dallas will proceed to play the Houstonians 2000 (TX-S) in a semifinal Texas showdown on Wednesday, June 28.
Semifinal matchups: FC Dallas 00 Premier (TX-N) vs. Houstonians 2000 (TX-S), Birmingham United SA 00 (AL), vs. CASL Red 00 North (NC) 

18U Boys
Arkansas Comets 99 Premier (AR) and LA Fire JRs 99 Red (LA) played in an exciting quarterfinal won by Arkansas 99, 3-1. LA Fire struck first in the 7th minute of play with a goal from Jazer Ardon. The rest of the first half was scoreless, but Arkansas 99 had a strong offensive attack to start the second half of play. In the 83rd minute, Arkansas 99’s Jose Castro tied up the score at 1-1. With that goal, the teams went to overtime. In the 103rd minute, Erol Banuelos gave Arkansas the 2-1 lead and Lawson Templeton recorded the final goal for Arkansas in the 115th minute. Arkansas 99 has been very offensively aggressive throughout Region III Championships, scoring eleven goals in just four games. 
Semifinal matchups: FC Dallas 99 Premier Dymond (TX-N) vs. UFA 99 Premier (GA),  Solar Chelsea 99 Sawyer (TX-N) vs. Arkansas Comets 99 Premier (AR)

Regional winners of the 13U through 19/20U age groups earn a berth to the 2017 US Youth Soccer National Championships, which will be played July 24-30 at the Toyota Soccer Center in Frisco, Texas.

The US Youth Soccer National Championships will consist of US Youth Soccer Regional Champions in the 13U through 19/20U Boys and Girls age groups, as well as the US Youth Soccer National League qualifiers in the 15U through 19/20U Boys and Girls age groups to complete the field of 96 teams. 

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