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2012 U-18 Girls Preview

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Region I: FC Penn Strikers (PA-E)

How they got to Nationals
The 2011-2012 National League champs began their quest to return to nationals by winning the Eastern Pennsylvania State Cup for a sixth time. The Strikers went undefeated through the Region I Championship while scoring 20 goals and only conceding three. The Strikers captured their third Region I Championship by beating Oakwood SC 4-1.

National Championship Series History

State Champs 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Region Champs: 2007, 2011, 2012

2008 Regionals: Semifinalist

2009 Regionals: (2-0-1) Did not advance past group stage.

2010 Regionals: (1-1-1) Did not advance past group stage. 

2011-2012 National League Champions (5-0-1)

2010-2011 National League Blue Division 6th place (1-3-3)

2008-2009 Natinal League Runner-up

2009: National Championships 3rd place (1-1-1)

2011 National Championships: 4th place (1-1-1)

Key Players

Daija Griffin tied for fifth in goals scored at the 2012 Region I Championships and tied for third in goals scored in the 2011-2012 National League.

Cassandra Pecht and Gabriella Carbone were among the top-10 scorers in the Region I Championships.

College Commitments

Emily Armstrong - Boston College
Gabriella Carbone - LaSalle
Trisha Clark - Elizabethtown
Gina DiTaranto - Deleware
Brendi Ernst - Temple
Daija Griffin - South Carolina
Melanie Insley - Elon
Kelly Kerrigan - James Madison
Jillian McVicker - Ohio State
Erin Mikolai - Penn
Madeline Parker - Delaware
Stevi Parker - South Carolina
Cassandra Pecht - Duke
Morgan Popko - North Carolina Wilmington
Cheyenne Spade - North Carolina State
Taylor Trusky - Pittsburgh

Interesting Facts

Region I Premier League Champs: 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012

Coach Info

David Shaw

Founded FC Pennsylvania in 1997 

U-18 FC Penn Strikers

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How they got to Nationals
Cicinnati Soccer Alliance won the Ohio-South State Cup for a fourth time in a row by defeating Blast FC 3-0. At the 2012 Region II Championships, CSA posted a 2-0-1 record in the group stage, which advanced them to the knockout round. CSA defeated Internationals (OH-N) in the semifinals 5-1, and beat Kolping Kick's SC (MO) 3-0 in the finals.

National Championship Series History

State Champs 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Regional Runner-ups 2009

2010 Regionals: Did not advance past group stage.

2011 Regionals: Did not advance past group stage.

Region Champs 2012

Key Players

Sydney Lovelace and Morgan Walcott both tied for second in the 2012 Region II Championships with four goals.

College Commitments

Madison Bunnell - Central Michigan
Meghan Cook - Cincinnati State
Zoe Curry - Wittenburg
Megan Dalton - Xavier
Mckenzie Hamilton - Indiana State
Holly Harris - Indiana State
Kiersten Johnson - Toledo
Sydney Loesing - Indiana State
Ashley Long - Northern Kentucky
Sydney Lovelace - Indiana State
Lauren Mathews - Miami
Hannah Moloney - Ohio Northern
Laura Rose - Cincinnati
Natalie Smith - Cincinnati
Selby Smith - Indiana State
Holly Sparks - Indiana State
Kylie Sumner - Indiana State
Ellie Tillar - Eastern Michigan
Ellen West - Nazarine
Morgan Wolcott - Ohio State

Interesting Facts

Midwest Regional League champions 2010, 2011, 2012.

Coach Info

Alex Rawlings

USSF A License

Professional Player for Cincinnati Cheetahs and Canton Invaders

Played for Ohio State University

U-18 Cincinnati Soccer Alliance elite

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How they got to Nationals
National League competitor Brentwood won their fourth straight Tennessee State Cup championship by defeating Collierville Lobos 94 in the finals. After making the finals in 2011, Brentwood won the 2012 Region III Championships by defeating AHFC in the finals 3-2 in overtime.

National Championship Series History

State Champs: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

2009 Regionals: (2-1) Did not advance past group stage.

Region Semifinalist: 2010

Region Runner-up: 2011

Region Champs: 2012

2010-2011 National League Blue Division: 7th

2011-2012 National League Blue Division: 2nd (3-1-1)

Key Players

State ODP Players: Malinda Allen, Kelsey Brouwer, Jessica Hiskey, Allie Kington, Tori Hawkins, Christi Padget, Chesney White

Regional ODP Players: Malinda Allen, Allie Kington, Jessica Hiskey

White led all scorers in the 2011-2012 National League with six goals and tied for second in goals scored at the 2012 Region III Championships.

College Commitments

Malinda Allen - Duke
Carly Bowen - TCU
Kelsey Brouwer - Middle Tennessee
Kelsey Campbell - East Tennessee
Laura Foster - Vanderbilt
Cailin Harris - Kentucky
Victoria Hawkins - Middle Tennessee
Jaclyn Heckle - Tennessee Martin
Jessica Hiskey - Ole Miss
Margaret Howard - Belmont
Fayla Junior - Lander
Allison Kington - Clemson
Cara Ledman - Kentucky
Lindsey Mayo - Arkansas
Mackenzie Moore - Tennessee
Christi Padget - Memphis
Katherine Rodriguez - North Carolina Greensboro
Shelby Todd - Western Kentucky
Chesney White - North Carolina Greensboro

Interesting Facts

Vegas College Showcase Finalists

2010 PDA College Showcase semi-finalist

2012 Premier League Champion

Coach Info

Sandy Pollock

USSF A License

Region III ODP Staff

U-18 Brentwood 94 Premier

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Region IV: LaRoca PT (UT)


How they got to Nationals
LaRoca defeated Olympique Montreux 2-0 in the finals to claim their fifth Utah State Cup championship in a row. LaRoca went on to the 2012 Region IV Championship and advanced through the group stage despite a three-way tie. LaRoca defeated Rush Nike 2-0, and then beat Legends FC, 2-1, in the semifinals. In the finals, LaRoca beat Beach 93 2-1 to advance to the National Championships.

National Championship Series History

State Champs: 2008  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Region Semifinalist: 2008

Region Quarterfinalist: 2009, 2010, 2011

Region Champs: 2012

2010-2011 National League Blue Division:4th  (4-3)

2011-2012 National League Red Division: 4th  (2-1-2)

College Commitments

Stacy Bair - Weber State
Olivia Bitner - Weber State
Chansi Crompton - Weber State
London Crown - Weber State
Jaymee Frye - Weber State
Mackenzie Harrison - Weber State
Brecken Holbrook - Weber State
Taylor Ivins - Denver University
Danielle Mackay - Weber State
Kellyn Olsen - Weber State
Shaylee Petersen - Weber State
Erin Swenson - Weber State
Kelsi Tatton - Weber State
Marissa Yamane - Weber State

Intersting Facts

2012 Far West Regional League Champion

Coach Info

Tim Crompton

USSF A License

NSCAA Premier Certificate


U-18 LaRoca PT

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