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2012 U-19 Girls Preview

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Region I: Scorpions Elite (MA)

How they got to Nationals
Scorpions Elite won their fourth Massachusetts State Cup championship by defeating Stars of Massachusetts. At the 2012 Region II Championship, Scorpions scored 27 goals and only gave up four. Scorpions defeated Bethesda Dragons (MD) 2-1 in the finals.

National Championship Series History

State Champs: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012

2009 Regionals: (1-1) Did not advance past the group stage

Region Champs: 2008, 2012

National Championship Participant: 2008

Key Players

Melissa Gavin, Jessica Clinton and Lauren Varela all tied for fifth in goals scored at the 2012 Region I Championship with six goals.

Forward Lauren Berman holds the girls' National League scoring record with her 13 goals in seven games during the 2009-2010 season.

Youth National Team member Samantha Mewis.

College Programs

Emily Brook - Colgate
Jessica Clinton - Georgetown
Erin Feeney - Ohio
Melissa Gavin - Yale
Josette LaRochelle - Brown
Caroline McCabe - Holy Cross
Samantha Mewis - UCLA
Gianna Roma - Connecticut
Marissa Russo - Elon
Cory Ryan - Maryland
Ariana Twomey - Amherst
Allison Walton - Providence
Kensey Waterman - Sienna
Lauren Varela - Harvard
Kathryn Hiller - Providence
Lauren Berman - Maryland
Madison Meehan - Boston College
McKenzie Meehan - Boston College
Kendall Andrew - Providence

Coach Info

Keith Caldwell

Drafted by the Colorado Rapids

Played at Brown University

U-19 Scorpions Elite

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How they got to Nationals
Gallagher won its seventh Missouri State Cup in order to qualify for the 2012 Region II Championship. Scott Gallagher scored 16 goals and only conceded two. They won the Region II Championship by defeating KCFC Internsity (KS) in the finals, 3-1.

National Championship Series History

State Champs: 2006-2012

2008 Regionals: (1-1-1) Did not advance past the group stage.

2010 Regionals: (1-2) Did not advance past the group stage.

Region Runner-up: 2009

Region Semifinalist: 2011

Region Champs: 2012

Key Players

Rachel Tejada, Abbey Stock, Lydia Harlan, Meghan Dolan, Maritza Hayes, Kelsey Fouch, Molly Huber

State ODP Players: Molly Huber, Lauren Flynn, Maddy Bush

Region ODP Players: Molly Huber

National Team: Molly Huber

Abbey Stock led all scorers in the 2012 Region II Championships with six goals.

SLSG Green U19 girls team will be playing while one of their teammates is back in St. Louis helping her mother who is battling breast cancer and having major surgery on June 19th.  Team will be playing with thoughts and prayers going to Kathryn Brenner (player) and her mother Vicki (mom) while she battles breast cancer.

College Programs

Jessica Bayens - Rockhurst
Kathryn Brenner - St. Louis
Madalyn Bush - St. Louis
Emily Cline - Drury
Kelsey Dinges - Miami (Ohio)
Meghan Dolan - Lynn
Lauren Flynn - Missouri
Victoria Flynn - Drake
Kelsey Fouch - Missouri State
Lydia Harlan - Dennison
Shelby Hatz - Drury
Maritza Hayes - Nebraska
Molly Huber - Kentucky
Melanie Hunt - Truman
Julia Merlo - St. Louis
Brooke Oostendorp - Missouri State
Alexandria Rodriguez - Rochhurst
Meagan Schneider - St. Louis
Abbey Stock - St. Louis
Rachel Tejada - Illinois State
Courtney Vonder Haar - Southern Illinois Edwardsville
Victoria Magaletta - Drury

Coach Info

Kirk Moser

U-19 St. Louis Gallagher Green

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How they got to Nationals
CCSC won their first Florida State Cup by defeating IMG Soccer Academy in the finals. At the 2012 Region III Championships, CCSC didn't allow a single goal and scored eight. CCSC defeated Brentwood Premier (TN) 2-0 in the finals to advance to the National Championships.

National Championship Series History

State Champs: 2012

Region Champs: 2012

Key Players

State ODP:  Kathlene Bobbitt, Allison Brashear, Rachel Buffalo, Anna Crane, Theresa Diederich, Alexandra Gerry, Tyler Law, Gabrielle Ragazzo, Kaili Torres

Regional ODP: Kathlene Bobbitt, Anna Crane, Allison Brashear, Theresa Diederich, Kaili Torres

National Team Players: Kathlene Bobbitt, Kaili Torres

Emily Cooksey tied for the most goals scored in the 2012 Region III Championship with three.

College Programs

Kathlene Bobbitt - Florida
Allison Brashear - College of Charleston
Rachel Buffalo - Mercer
Emily Cooksey - Central Michigan
Anna Crane - Central Florida
Theresa Diederich - Alabama
Alexandra Gerry - Central Florida
Jessica Haley - Princeton
Tyler Law - Central Florida
Janitta Levius - West Florida
Ansley Morgan - Georgia
Gabrielle Ragazzo - Princeton
Havana Solaun - Florida
Kaili Torres - Virginia
Kylie Wilson - West Florida

Coach Info

Luis Torres

U-19 CCSC Sol

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How they got to Nationals
So Cal Blues won their first California-South Championship in order to qualify for the 2012 Region IV Championships. So Cal didn't give up a goal until the finals game when they defeated Pride Predators (CO) 3-1. So Cal Blues scored 10 goals in the tournament.

National Championship Series History

State Champs 2012

Region Quarterfinalists: 2008

Region Semifinalists: 2010, 2011

Region Champs 2009, 2012

2008 National Championships: Finalist

2009 National Championships: 3rd

National Champions: 2010

Key Players

State ODP Players: Mikhaila Bowden Berry Victoria Cooper, Kaitlin Dickmann, Kelly Fitzgerald, Kimberly Marshall, Renee McDermott,  Haley Rosen , Jessica White 

Regional ODP Player: Kelly Fitzgerald, Kimberly Marshall, Renee McDermott, Haley Rosen

National Team Players: Haley Rosen

College Programs

Courtney Assumma - Pepperdine
Mikhaila Bowden Berry - Boise State
Mackenzie Cochrane - Mercy
Victoria Cooper - Georgia
Genessee Daughetee - Cal
Kaylyn Dickman - Cal
Kelly Fitzgerald - Stanford
Kathleen Gallanes - Pepperdine
Alison Gordon - Rutgers
Torey Markowitz - UCLA
Kimberly Marshall - Wake Forest
Erica Mazeau - Cal State Fullerton
Kelly McCormick - Ole Miss
Renee McDermott - Texas A&M
Jordan Obrien - Tulsa
Haley Rosen - Stanford
Danielle Spriggs - Rice
Jessica White - Michigan State

Coach Info

Randy Dodge

USSF A License

Vanguard University Coach


USSF B License


U-19 So Cal Blue Dodge

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