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2013 Photography Services

ncs photog

KCDIGITAL & STLDIGITAL will be taking team photos and action photos at the US Youth Soccer National Championship Games at the Overland Park Complex.  If you are interested in photos please sign up ASAP. NOTE:  PHOTOS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE TOURNAMENT.  There will be no online ordering! We will be taking action photos primarily by request and sign up. We will have a booth set up near the field house where you can view photos on our computers.  Posters, blankets, CDs and prints are available.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PHOTOS, PLEASE SIGN UP - for more information call 314-472-3111. Teams/Individuals that put in paid deposit requests will be photographed first followed by free email player requests.


Team photos will be taken on the first day of competition - TUESDAY.   Please see the attached schedule for your team photo time.  You may change your photo time by emailing   Team photos will be taken inside the field house at the Overland Park Complex on Tuesday only!   It takes only a few minutes for a team photo and we typically do them before the game or in the afternoon during no games.   The longest part of the process is getting your entire team to the field house.  

Official National Championship Team Photo Prices:

Team Buy - $200 - 8x10 for every player (Split the cost with your team and it is around $10-$12 per family)

Team Buy - $150 - 5x7 for each player

A La Carte - 5x7 - $12, 8x10 - $20

ACTION PHOTOS - HOW IT WORKS:  You may sign up as a team or as an individual.  

Team Sign Up - Photo Action CD Preliminary Round Game: 
1.  Our photographer will shoot a full game with a minimum of 500 action shots of your team. 
2.  We will then burn the original images to a CD.
3.  Each player on the team will receive their own copy of this CD. 
4.  The CD is completely copyright released so you can print as many copies as you wish at home or at a lab.

Action CD Cost: $250 - Split the cost with your team and it is around $20 per player (10 players - $25ea, 15 players - $17ea etc...) 
Action CD + Team Photo - $350 - Everyone on the team will get a cd and a printed 8x10 team photo.

SPECIAL: Sign up for the Team Action CD and team photo package by MONDAY 7/22/13 and we will take 10% off.

Individual Player Sign Up - Photos:  Contact us via phone with a credit card deposit - 314-472-3111 and sign up for a package listed below: 
Our photographer will take pictures of you at one of your games. 

Packages available:
a: Multi-poster and single player CD - $100
b: Extreme Poster - $80
c: Extreme Poster + single player CD - $120
d: Extreme Poster, Blanket, single player CD - $175

Email us at your team name, age group and player number and game times.  NOTE:  We will do our best to photograph you, but there is no guarantee with the free player sign up request. You can view photos on the computers on Friday.


Photos from these games are available via team package only.   Prices and details will be distributed that day!