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National Championships Scoring and Tie Breakers


SCORING METHOD: The standings of teams within brackets are based upon the number of points earned in qualifying games. Teams earn points as follows:

  • Three points for a win (including forfeits*)
  • One point for a tie, and
  • No points for a loss.

      * Forfeits are considered a 4 - 0 victory.

TIE BREAKERS:  In the event teams are tied on the basis of points earned, the team’s placement will be determined in accordance with the following sequential criteria.

a. Winner of head to head competition (these criteria not used if more than two teams tied.)
b. Winner of most games.
c. Goal differential (goals scored minus goals against) with a maximum of four goals per game.
d. Fewest goals allowed.
e. Kicks from the penalty mark (as described in National Championships Rule 242 Section 2 (c)).

NOTE:   If more than two teams are tied, the sequence will be followed until a team is eliminated/advanced.  The remaining teams will then restart the sequence at Point “b” above until the tie is broken.

If FIFA penalty kicks have to be taken, there will be a draw by the National Championships Committee. The first team drawn will receive the bye; the next team drawn will be the home team against the remaining team in the first contest of penalty kicks. The winner of the first contest will then compete against the bye team in penalty kicks to determine the round robin winner. The bye team will be the home team. This is only if there are more than two (2) teams tied after going through the Tie Breakers.