Nationals Union 02 Black (MI) soared past La Roca PO 02 (UT)


Nationals Union 02 Black (MI) defeated La Roca PO 02 (UT) 7-1 on day two of the 2017 US Youth Soccer National Championships. Nationals Union punched its ticket to this prestigious tournament by winning the National League Blue division.

Nationals Union was off to a fast start in today’s game with a goal in just the 2nd minute of play. The first goal was netted by Alexia Czerwien with service from Meike Ingles. A few minutes later, La Roca’s Caroline Stringfellow scored her team’s lone goal of the game. It wasn’t long before Zoe Bessert slotted one past the goalie with another assist from Meike Ingles. Emily Matthews and Jenna Blackburn both added goals before the end of the half, as well.

To start the second half of play, Madaline Novak found the back of the net for Nationals Union Black and Rielee Fetty and Jenna Blackburn scored in the 67th and 75th minutes for the final goals of the match.

Assistant Coach, Gene Harkins, was proud of his team’s effort today and is hopeful for the future of this squad.

“I liked the speed of play today. I thought we really attacked well. Defensively we did a good job, too,” said Assistant Coach Gene Harkins. “The girls are really pumped up. They’ve won regionals, they’ve won National League and now hopefully we can win a National Championship.”

As far as preparation goes, the Nationals Union side is no stranger to hard work with Harkins saying they usually practice four times a week. Being successful at this level takes years of hard work and sacrifice.

As far as looking forward goes, Nationals Union coaches and players are confident in their abilities, but they are not taking the competition lightly.

“We understand that every game is a different game. We need to keep up the intensity and we need to stay focused. Coach Jeremy Harkins does a good job as far as preparing; we eat well and we get ready for the next game.”