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Champions Named at US Youth Soccer Region I Championships

July 6, 2009 10:00 PM
Eastern Pennsylvania claimed five champions, Eastern New York four, New Jersey three, Virginia two, New York West, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland claimed one each.

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BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. (July 7, 2009) – Champions were named today at the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships at the Barboursville Soccer Complex in Barboursville, W.Va.

Of the 10 defending US Youth Soccer Region I Champions, only four repeated including the Under-17 Girls PDA Fire, who claimed a three-peat.

Under-14 Boys Dix Hill Thunder, Under-18 Girls FC Bucks Vipers and Under-19 Girls FC Delco Fury II are all back-to-back Region I Champions.

Regional winners of the Under-14 through Under-19 age groups earn a berth to the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championships to be played July 21-26, at Citizens Bank Fields at Progin Park in Lancaster, Mass.

Under-12 8v8 Girls
First half goals by Emily Muray and Caroline Kopp in the 17th and 35th minutes respectively, gave Empire Syracuse (NY-W) the 2-1 win over PWSI Courage 96 Red.

Under-12 8v8 Boys
Virginia's Under-12 8v8 Boys VYS Premier Red played homestate rival Great Falls Cougars in a repeat of the state championship. Today, VYS won 2-0 with goals by James Fillerman in the 5th minute and Adam Gardner in the 50th minute.

Under-12 Girls
In the 11v11 Under-12 Girls competition, Spirit United Gaels (E-PA) won 4-1 over Beadling (PA-W). The Gael's tallied all four goals in the first half from Cecilia Knaub, Grace Dickey and two from Bryce Watts. Abby Losco scored one for Beadling in the 58th minute but Beadling was unable to finish any others.

Under-12 Boys
On the Under-12 Boys side, Connecticut's Beachside earned the championship title over New York East's Manhattan Kickers, 1-0. Austin Sims scored Beachside's goal in the 34th minute.
Under-13 Girls
The PDA Slammers (NJ) also won today's match 1-0. The Slammers beat East Islip Dragons (E-NY) with a lone goal by Caroline Chagares in the 37th minute.

Under-13 Boys
In a high scoring match, Piscataway Chelsea (NJ) won 3-2 over the Bethesda Fire (MD) to win the Under-13 Boys Region I Championship. The Fire's Akeem Ward struck first, scoring in the 15th. Ivan Mosquera and Juan Rojas scored back to back goals in the 45th and 46th minutes and Michael Papakonstantiou scored in the 56th minute.  Joshua Golob scored the Fire's last goal of the match in the 63rd, but it wasn't enough and Piscataway claimed the title.

Under-14 Girls
Massachusetts' Scorpions SC and PDA Celtic (NJ) were scoreless at the end of the first half. Early in the second, Brooke Sweeney found the back of the net, tallying the lone goal of the match in the 46th minute.

Under-14 Boys
Dix Hill Thunder, from Eastern New York, are the only boys defending Region I Champion to repeat this year. As Under-14 Boys, the Thunder will advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships. The Thunder versus NJSA 09 United (NJ) was evenly matched, but in the 20th minute, Richie Robinson scored what would be the game winner.

Under-15 Girls
Under-15 Girls Chantilly Burn (VA) lost to the FC Stars of Massachusetts in last year's final 2-0 in overtime and felt like they had a lot to prove in today's match. Mallory Ulrich put the Burn on the scoreboard with a goal in the 38th minute. The Burn didn't start to relax until Caroline Cover netted a second in the 52nd minute for the 2-0 win.

Under-15 Boys
Spirit United Celtic (E-PA) went 1-0 over the US Youth Soccer National League champions Baltimore Bays (MD) to advance to the National Championships. The Celtic's Keegan Rosenberry scored in the 49th minute to send his team to Nationals too.

Under-16 Girls
One of four games to go into overtime today, was the Under-16 Girls Syosset Rough Riders (E-NY) and Montclair United (NJ). Each scored late, ending regulation in a tie. Liana Cornaccihio scored for the Riders in the 74th minute. Six minutes later, Tanya Sood tied the match for Montclair. In overtime, Cornaccihio scored her second of the day in the 100th minute for the win.

Under-16 Boys
The Under-16 Boys match was determined by penalty kicks after the Hicksville Strikers (E-NY) and MPS McLean Hurricanes (VA) ended regulation tied at 1-1 and a scoreless overtime. Hurricanes were up by 1 at the half with a Salgle Madnick goal in the 21st. In the 70th minute, Matthew Wendelken scored to keep the Strikers in the game.

Under-17 Girls
The Under-17 Girls PDA Fire (NJ) claimed their third Region I Championship today with a 3-2 match over Albertson 91 Fury (E-NY). Both teams were familiar with the challenge that lay ahead and today's match didn't disappoint. Fury took an early lead when Katherine Greer scored in the 16th minute. Right before the end of the first half, Avery Jackson tied the match in the 43rd minute. Fury's Jennifer Gibbons and PDA's Shannon Roche would both even out the match between the 54th and 67th minutes. It was Kristen Niederhaus' 83rd minute goal that would earn PDA's three-peat.

Under-17 Boys
After scoreless regulation, the YMS Xplosion (E-PA) and Seacoast United Maine went into overtime. YMS placed third in the US Youth Soccer National League and needed a win today to play in the National Championships. Maine has played in three of the past four Region I finals but has been unable to advance to nationals. The Xplosion came out strong in overtime and were able to finish two goals for the win. Emanuel Sanchez scored in the 95th minute and Eduardo Guerrero put Xplosion up by two in the 105th.

Under-18 Girls
Defending their Region I Championship, Under-18 Girls FC Bucks Vipers (E-PA)won today's match in the final minutes. Madlyn Evans scored the sole goal of the match in the 89th minute over Montclair United (NJ). The Vipers move on to their second appearance in the National Championships.

Under-18 Boys
The Under-18 Boys East Fishkill Thunder (E-NY) had never won their state championship and had never made it to the Region I Championships until this year. They even surprised themselves winning 1-0 over PDA Cruyff (NJ) in today's final, since they knew what tough competition PDA brings to the field. Mike Dix scored the game winner in the 28th minute. The Thunder are talking about the 2007 US Youth Soccer National Championship Series Cinderella story, then Under-18 Terryville Fire (E-NY). Thunder hopes to shake up the National Championships and win the Series.

Under-19 Girls
The FC Delco Fury II (E-PA) and Freestate Shooters (MD) game was scoreless at the end of regulation. It would take until the 103rd minute before Brooke Stokes helped defend the Fury's championship and score the game winner. FC Delco Furry II earned another shot at the National Championship.

Under-19 Boys
The Under-19 Boys final was the last to finish and the second match of the day to be determined by penalty kicks. The FC Delco Blast (E-PA) scored first in the 31st minute with a Matthew Margiotta goal. Only eight minutes later, Christopher Agorsor put one away for the Baltimore Casa Mia Bays (MD). Throughout regulation and overtime, the score would remain tied at 1-1. The Bays won during penalty kicks and are looking to tally a second US Youth Soccer National Championship win.
The James P. McGuire Cup is the oldest trophy in youth sport dating back to 1935 with the inaugural youth championships. The Under-19 Boys age group as the National Champion will hoist the McGuire Cup. This is the 74th anniversary of the storied cup.

Today's scores…
Under-12 8v8 Girls
Empire Syracuse (NY-W) 2, PWSI Courage 96 Red (VA) 1
Goal scorers: Empire- Emily Muray (17:00), Caroline Kopp (35:00)
Courage- Annie Boros (2:00)

Under-12 8v8 Boys
VYS Premier Red (VA) 2,  Great Falls Cougars (VA) 0
Goal scorers: VYS- James Fillerman (5:00), Adam Gardner (50:00)

Under-12 Girls
Spirit United Gaels (E-PA) 4, Beadling (PA-W) 1
Goal scorers: Gaels- Cecilia Knaub (7:00), Grace Dickey (13:00), Bryce Watts (18:00) (45:00)
Beadling- Abby Losco (58:00)

Under-12 Boys
Beachside (CT) 1, Manhattan Kickers (E-NY) 0
Goal scorer: Beachside- Austin Sims (34:00)

Under-13 Girls
PDA Slammers (NJ) 1, East Islip Dragons (E-NY) 0
Goal scorer: Slammers- Caroline Chagares (37:00)

Under-13 Boys
Piscataway Chelsea (NJ) 3, Bethesda Fire (MD) 2
Goal scorers: Chelsea- Ivan Mosquera (45:00), Juan Rojas (46:00), Michael Papakonstantiou (56:00)
Fire- Akeem Ward (15:00), Joshua Golob (63:00)

Under-14 Girls
Scorpions SC (MA) 1, PDA Celtic (NJ) 0
Goal scorers: Scorpions- Brooke Sweeney (46:00)

Under-14 Boys
Dix Hills Thunder (E-NY) 1, NJSA 04 United (NJ) 0
Goal scorers: Thunder- Richard Robinson (20:00)

Under-15 Girls
Chantilly Burn (VA) 2, FC Stars of Mass (MA) 0
Goal scorers: Burn- Mallory Ulrich (38:00), Caroline Cover (52:00)

Under-15 Boys
Spirit United Celtic (E-PA) 1, Baltimore Bays (MD) 0
Goal scorer: Celtic- Keegan Rosenberry (49:00)

Under-16 Girls
Syosset Rough Riders (E-NY) 2, Montclair United (NJ) 1 (OT)
Goal scorers: Riders- Liana Cornacchio (74:00) (100:00)
United: Tanya Sood (80:00)

Under-16 Boys
Hicksville Strikers (ENY) 2, MPS McLean Hurricanes (VA) 1 (PK)
Goal scorers: Strikers- Matthew Wendelken (70:00)
Hurricanes- Salgle Madnick (21:00)

Under-17 Girls
PDA Fire (NJ) 3, Albertson 91 Fury (E-NY) 2
Goal scorers: PDA- Avery Jackson (43:00), Shannon Roche (67:00), Kristen Niederhaus (83:00)
Fury- Katherine Greer ( 43:00), Juliana Speroni (67:00), Johnny Barschow (83:00)

Under-17 Boys
YMS Xplosion (E-PA) 2, Seacoast United Maine (ME) 0 (OT)
Goal scorers: Emanuel Sanchez (95:00), Eduardo Guerrero (105:00)

Under-18 Girls
FC Bucks Vipers (E-PA) 1,  Montclair United (NJ) 0
Goal scorers: Vipers- Madlyn Evans (89:00)

Under-18 Boys
East Fishkill Thunder (E-NY)1, PDA Cruyff (NJ) 0
Goal scorers: Thunder- Mike Dix (28:00)

Under-19 Girls
FC Delco Fury II (E-PA) 1, Freestate Shooters (MD) 0
Goal scorers: Fury- Brooke Stokes (103:00)

Under-19 Boys
Baltimore Casa Mia Bays (MD) 2, FC Delco Blast (E-PA) 1 (PK)
Goal scorers: Bays-Christopher Agorsor (39:00)
Delco- Matthew Margiotta (31:00)

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