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Champions named at US Youth Soccer Region I Championships

July 5, 2010 10:00 PM
Five teams defend Region I Championship titles (U-15G Scorpions Elite (MA), U-17G Syosset Sting (NY-E), U-19G FC Bucks Vipers (PA-E), U-17B Hicksville Strikers (NY-E) and YMS Xplosion (PA-E))

Eastern Pennsylvania claimed six championships, Maryland and Virginia each claim four, New York East two and Massachusetts and New Jersey one each.

Daily scores, standing, stories and video updates at

BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. (July 6, 2010) – Champions were named today at the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships at the Barboursville Soccer Complex in Barboursville, W.Va.
Of the nine returning champions, five defended their Region I Championship title, including U-15G Scorpions Elite (MA), U-17G Syosset Sting (NY-E), U-19G FC Bucks Vipers (PA-E), U-17B Hicksville Strikers (NY-E) and YMS Xplosion (PA-E).

After four days of games and increasing pressure and heat, teams kept their focus and fought for the chance to be named US Youth Soccer Region I Champions.

2010 US Youth Soccer Region I Champions
Under-12 8v8  United FC Elite (VA)
Under-12 NJSA 04 Blast (NJ)
Under-13 PSC Baltimore 97 (MD)
Under-14* SA of Columbia United Premier (MD)
Under-15* Scorpions Elite (MA) [Beadling (PA-W)#]
Under-16* McLean MPS Strikers (VA)
Under-17* Syosset Sting 92 Elite (NY-E)
Under-18* McLean MPS Dragons (VA)
Under-19* FC Bucks Vipers (PA-E)
Under-12 8v8  VSA Heat Blue (VA)
Under-12 LVU 97 (PA-E)
Under-13 Baltimore Bays Chelsea 96/97 (MD)
Under-14* LVU United 95 (PA-E)
Under-15* Baltimore Bays Chelsea (MD)
Under-16* PSC Coppa 93 (PA-E)
Under-17* Hicksville Strikers (NY-E)
Under-18* YMS Xplosion (PA-E)
Under-19* FC Delco Hammerheads (PA-E)

The US Youth Soccer National Championships will consist of US Youth Soccer Regional Champions in the Under-14 through Under-19 Boys and Girls age groups as well as the US Youth Soccer National League qualifiers in the Under-15 through Under-17 Boys and Girls age groups to complete the field of 60 teams. 2010 marks the 75th anniversary of the Under-19 Boys James P. McGuire Cup, the oldest trophy in youth sports dating back to 1935 with the inaugural youth championships. The Under-19 Girls National Champion will hoist the Ross Stewart Cup on its 30th anniversary.

Complete game reports from today's matches…
Under-12 8v8 Boys

The VSA Heat Blue (VA) to secure the lead over Empire United SA – Syracuse (NY-W) in overtime, 2-1. The Heat's Kevin Coleman scored in the 34th and it was matched in the 45th by Empire's Alexander Pompo. Coleman went on to score the game winner in the 75th minute.

Under-12 Boys
The Under-12 Boys game was the only final to go to penalty kicks today. LVU 97 (PA-E) and PDA Pele (NJ) were tied at 1-1 during regulation and tied at 2-2 during overtime. LVU would prevail in penalty kicks, 4-2.

Under-13 Boys
The Under-13 Boys Baltimore Bays Chelsea 96/97 (MD) and PDA Keane (NJ) match remained scoreless until the final minutes when Brett Ebel scored for the Baltimore Bays to secure the win.

Under-14 Boys
Eastern Pennsylvania was represented in seven of today's finals and won six championships. The Under-14 Boys LVU (PA-E) went toe to toe with PDA McGeough (NJ) in the second of five Eastern Pennsylvania versus New Jersey matches. In the first half, LVU capitalized on an opportunity and Zachary Goodwin shot one past the keeper in the 25th minute. LVU kept PDA at bay and their lone goal won the match.

Under-15 Boys
The Under-15 Boys Baltimore Bays Chelsea (MD) are following in their older club mates' footsteps and are creating their own history at the Region I Championships. The Bays went 1-0 over Beachside (CT) in today's final. The Bays went undefeated at the Region I Championships and are looking forward to their chances at nationals.

Under-16 Boys
When Under-16 Boys Penn Fusion Celtic (PA-E) scored in the 33rd minute it looked like they would be penalty kick in the 62nd minute gave Coppa a chance to even the score. Joseph Farrell blasted the PK past the keeper sending the game into overtime. In the 110th minute, Farrell's goal sends PSC Coppa to the National Championships with a 2-1 win.

Under-17 Boys
Under-17 Boys Hicksville Strikers (NY-E) defended their Region I Championship title with a 2-1 win over FC Stars of Massachusetts (MA). The Stars took control early with a goal by Alex Adair in the 16th. In the second half, Hicksville Strikers scored back-to-back goals in the 60th and 63rd minutes by Johnnie Maleganos and Timothy Parker. This one-two punch was just want Hicksville needed to return to the national stage.

Under-18 Boys

The Under-18 Boys YMS Xplosion (PA-E) and TSF Academy Celtic (NJ) broke their scoreless tie in overtime. YMS Xplosion are defending their Region I Champions with a target on their back since 2010 will be their third year advancing to nationals as well. TSF hoped to upset YMS, but luck and patience was on the Xplosion's side. Jonathan Louisignau found the back of the net in the 112th minute to give YMS a third chance at a national title. Fifteen of the YMS players are committed to Division I schools and the team will be tough to beat considering their experience at the national level.

Under-19 Boys
In another Eastern Pennsylvania versus New Jersey matchup, a lone goal in the 9th minute by Matthew Sanner awarded FC Delco Hammerheads (PA-E) with their sixth Region I Championship. The game ended FC Delco Hammerheads over PDA Cruyff (NJ), 1-0. As a club, FC Delco has claimed seven national championships since 1991. A win in Kansas would be the club's fourth James P. McGuire Cup title on the cup's 75th anniversary.

Under-12 8v8 Girls
United FC Elite (VA) won their championship final 1-0 over Velocity SC (ME) with a Susanna Friedrichs goal in the 26th minute.

Under-12 Girls

NJSA 04 Blast won New Jersey's only Region I Championship in the Under-12 Girls age group. Shannon Burns and Nicole Whitley scored for NJSA and Olivia Cotter scored for the Foothils Team Extreme (PA-W). NJSA won, 2-1.

Under-13 Girls
PSC Baltimore 97 (MD) went 3-0 over Montclair Colchesters (NJ) to claim the Under-13 Girls Region I Championship.

Under-14 Girls
In the second minute of the Under-14 Girls championship game, Sheridan Street put SA of Columbia United Premier (MD) in the lead over Hockessin Blast (DE). Hockessin's Morgan Staley scored the equalizer in the 23rd minute, but SA of Columbia was back in the lead by the end of the first half. Imani Dorsey scored twice in the 31st and 44th minutes and Margaret Furlong finished the game scoring SA of Columbia's fourth goal. Columbia won, 4-1.

Under-15 Girls
Scorpions Elite (MA) had already earned their spot to the National Championships through the US Youth Soccer National League but they didn't go easy on Beadling 94/95 (PA-W) in today's Under-15 Girls championship. Scorpions went on the offensive and Kendall Andrew scored in the 14th minute. Scorpions would score again in the 44th minute and in the final minutes of play Beadling's Olivia Roberson put her team on the boards. Scorpions won, 2-1. The Scorpions are Region I Champions and will represent the National League at the National Championships and Beadling advances to represent Region I.

Under-16 Girls
Today, Virginia won four Region I Championships. The McLean MPS Strikers will represent Virginia and Region I Championships after winning their Under-16 Girls final over Buffalo Soccer Academy Invaders (NY-W), 2-0. After a scoreless first half, Tabitha Mchale and Katie Yensen each scored to advance the Strikers to their first National Championships.

Under-17 Girls
The Under-17 Girls match seemed destined to go into overtime when defending champions, Syosset Sting 92 Elite (N Y-E), and Penn Fusion 92 Gaels (PA-E) were scoreless until the final minute. Syosset's Liz Agiato scored on a 90th minute free kick from 30 yards out to send Syosset to their second National Championship.

Under-18 Girls

PDA Fire (NJ) were three-time Region I Champions going into this morning's final over McLean MPS Dragons (VA). The game was evenly matched and remained scoreless until the 47th minute when the Dragon's Melissa Downey made it past the PDA defense, slotting one past the keeper. PDA didn't have time to recover and the Dragons upset the Fire and advance to the National Championships with their first Region I Championship title.

Under-19 Girls
Under-19 Girls FC Bucks Vipers (PA-E) are poised to defend their national championship title after claiming their third Region I Championship today. The Vipers defeated New Jersey's Aristocrats, 4-1. The Vipers got on the boards early with a Colleen Williams goal in the 6th. In the second half, the Aristocrats' Kelly Conheeney evened the match by scoring in the 47th. The Vipers fought hard and scored three additional goals in the final half including a last minute goal by Williams for the 4-1 win.

Today's scores…
Under-12 8v8 Boys

VSA Heat Blue (VA) 2, Empire United SA – Syracuse (NY-W) 1 OT
HEAT - Kevin Coleman (34:00) | EUSA - Alexander Pompo (45:00) | HEAT - Kevin Coleman (75:00)

 Under-12 8v8 Girls
United FC Elite (VA) 1, Velocity Soccer Club (ME) 0
UFC - Susanna Friedrichs (26:00)

Under-12 Boys
LVU 97 (PA-E) 3, PDA Pele (NJ) 2 (PK 4-2)
LVU - Cameron Sheva (5:00) | LVU - Moyinoluwa Opeyemi (78:00) | PELE - Danny Barbir (39:00) | PELE - Danny Barbir (72:00)

Under-12 Girls
NJSA 04 Blast (NJ) 2, Foothills Team Extreme (PA-W) 1
NJSA - Shannon Burns (23:00) | FTXT - Olivia Cotter (42:00) | NJSA - Nicole Whitley (50:00)

Under-13 Boys
Baltimore Bays Chelsea 96/97 (MD) 1, PDA Keane (NJ) 0
BAYS - Brett Ebel (71:00)

Under-13 Girls
PSC Baltimore 97 3, Montclair Colchesters (NJ) 0
PSC - Julianna Smith (5:00) | PSC - Bridgette Andrzejewski (46:00) | PSC - Bridgette Andrzejewski

Under-14 Boys
LVU United (PA-E) 1, PDA McGeough (NJ) 0
LVU - Zachary Goodwin (25:00)

Under-14 Girls
SA of Columbia United Premier (MD) 4, Hockessin Blast (DE) 1
SAC - Sheridan Street (2:00) | HSC - Morgan Staley (23:00) | SAC - Imani Dorsey (31:00) | SAC - Imani Dorsey (44:00) | SAC - Margaret Furlong (65:00)

Under-15 Boys
Baltimore Bays Chelsea (MD) 1, Beachside (CT) 0,
BAYS - Christian Porras (90:00)

Under-15 Girls
Scorpions Elite (MA) 2, Beadling 94/95 (PA-W) 1
SCRP - Kendall Andrew (14:00) | SCRP - Andrea O'Brien (44:00) | BEAD - Olivia Roberson (80:00)

Under-16 Boys
PSC Coppa 03 (PA-E) 2, Penn Fusion Celtic (PA-E) 1
CELT - Chad Craig (33:00) | PSC - Joseph Farrell (62:00) | PSC - Joseph Farrell (110:00)

Under-16 Girls
McLean MPS Strikers (VA) 2, Buffalo Soccer Academy Invaders (NY-W) 0
MCLN - Tabitha Mchale (49:00) | MCLN - Katie Yensen (73:00)

Under-17 Boys
Hicksville Strikers,(NY-E) 2, FC Stars of Mass (MA) 1
STAR - Alex Adair (16:00) | HASC - Johnnie Maleganos (60:00) | HASC - Timothy Parker (63:00)

Under-17 Girls
Syosset Sting 92 Elite (NY-E) 1, Penn Fusion 92 Gaels (PA-E) 0
SYOS - Liz Agiato (90:00)

Under-18 Boys
YMS Xplosion (PA-E) 1, TSF Academy Celtic (NJ) 0
YMS - Jonathan Louisignau (112:00)

Under-18 Girls
McLean MPS Dragons (VA) 1, PDA Fire (NJ) 0
MCLN - Melissa Downey (79:00)

Under-19 Boys
FC Delco Hammerheads (PA-E) 1, PDA Cruyff (NJ) 0
FCD - Matthew Sanner (9:00)
Under-19 Girls
FC Bucks Vipers (PA-E) 4, Aristocrats (NJ) 1
VIPE - Colleen Williams (6:00) | VIPE - Heidi Sabatura (62:00) | CATS - Kelly Conheeney (47:00) | VIPE - Jennifer Hoy (84:00) | VIPE - Colleen Williams (90:00)
Fair Play Awards
U12 8v8 Girls – United FC Elite (VA)
U12 Girls – Nashua World Cup (NH)
U13 Girls – Far Post (VT)
U14 Girls – WVUSC Shox (WV)
U15 Girls – Empire United SA Blue (NY-W)
U16 Girls – Buffalo SA Invaders (NY-W)
U17 Girls – Far Post Premier (VT)
U18 Girls – PDA Fire (NJ)
U19 Girls – WV Chaos (WV)
U12 8v8 Boys – FC Revolution Vipers (EPA)
U12 Boys – Londonderry United (NH)
U13 Boys – WVSC Rowdies (WV)
U14 Boys – CFC Fury (WV)
U15 Boys – Manhattan Ajax (E-NY)
U16 Boys – FC Blazers (MA)
U17 Boys – Arlington Venom (VA)
U18 Boys – Middle Country Rough Riders (E-NY)
U19 Boys – FC Delco Hammerheads (E-PA)

Daily reports and complete results from the tournament are available on Continue following the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series on Twitter.


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