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Final pairings set at the US Youth Soccer Region III Championships

July 3, 2006 10:00 PM

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (July 4, 2006) – The fireworks began early this morning and after the smoke had cleared, 12 teams have even more reason to celebrate the 230th birthday of the United States of America today. All 12 teams have earned berths in the final matches at the US Youth Soccer Region III Championships in North Little Rock. The winners of tomorrow’s Under-14 through Under-19 games will qualify for the US Youth Soccer National Championships at James W. Cownie Soccer Park in Des Moines, Iowa, July 25-30.

Five defending US Youth Soccer Region III Champions have the opportunity to win back-to-back titles tomorrow. The two defending US Youth Soccer National Champions, the Under-18 and Under-19 Boys Dallas Texans, have earned the right to advance to tomorrow’s finals. Also, the Dallas Texans 90 Red under-16 girls, Tulsa Soccer Club 91 under-15 boys, and the Edmond Soccer Club 91 under-15 girls are also advancing to tomorrow’s finals.

Of the remaining 24 teams, 11 are North Texas teams. Four teams are from Oklahoma, both North Carolina and Georgia have three teams, South Texas has two teams and Florida has advanced one team to the US Youth Soccer Region III Championships.

The Weston FC Brandon Flames (FL) had a long road to get to the US Youth Soccer Region III Championships. Today they beat the LFC Burn (LA) in penalty kicks (3:3, 5:4 PK).

“We had to sneak out a victory. It was a tremendous effort from the boys. It was a back and forth game. Even at 3:2, they came back and tied us in overtime. I don’t know how many second chances we are going to get, but I hope that I will be on the right end of those second chances,” said Steve Peet, coach of the Under-19 Weston FC Brandon Flames.

Tomorrow the team faces the defending 2005 US Youth Soccer National Champions, the Dallas Texans 87. The teams have played each other before, and their 10 a.m. game will prove to be fast paced with high energy.

“In 2004, we faced them (Dallas Texans 87) in the under-17 US Youth Soccer Region III Championships. We know they are talented and we know they are capable of doing it. They have a tremendous program. It will be a very tough game tomorrow,” Peet said. The Weston FC was the 2004 US Youth Soccer Region III Champion.

The Under-18 Girls TSC Challenge 88 (S. TX) were winning 2:0 against the Dallas Texans 88 (N. TX) until the last 15 minutes when Whitney Palmer (78:00) and Cathryn Ford (79:00) both scored to tied the game. In overtime, the Dallas Texans made the most of the opportunity and scored four goals to advance (6:2).

Jack Peel “They were a little nervous coming out. It was just a matter that they didn’t want to loose. We rearranged the team to put more pressure on them and they just came back and found a way to win. They (Challenge) did a great job. I think we have a shot at it tomorrow. After coming back from this game against a team like that I think we have a good shot, they have the heart and the desire to do it.”

Two of the Dallas Texans players currently play on Southern Methodist University’s team. The other players just finished high school and are going to be playing for teams such as Kentucky, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas Christian University and Louisiana State University.

Complete scores from today’s action are below.

US Youth Soccer Region III Championships
July 4, 2006

Under-14 Boys
Clearwater Chargers (FL) 0, Dallas Texans Red (N. TX) 1
Goal Scorers: Dallas – Zach Barnes (14:00)

Classic Elite 92 Rattlers (S. TX) 0, CASL Elite (NC) 1
Goal Scorers: CASL – John Rafferty (63:00)

Under-14 Girls
Challenge 92 (S. TX)
4, 92 Phoenix Red (GA) 0
Goal Scorers: Challenge – Meghan Gibbons (3:00), Danielle Munoz (20:00) (23:00), Leanne Showman (65:00)

Lightning 92 White (GA) 0, Dallas Texans Red 92 (N. TX) 1
Goal Scorers: Dallas Texans – Shelby Redman (17:00)

Under-15 Boys
Dallas Texans Red (N. TX)
1, Carolina Select (NC) 0
Goal Scorers: David DeLaRosa (42:00)

Tulsa SC 91 (OK) 2, Andromeda Titans 91 (N. TX) 1
Goal Scorers: Tulsa: Thomas Shannon (3:00), Jonathan Wright (13:00), Andromeda – Tyler Etwell (55:00)

Under-15 Girls
FC Texans (N. TX) 0, Dallas Texans Red (N. TX) 1
Goal Scorers: Dallas Texans – Rebecca Rivera (39:00)

91 Premier Lady Strikers (TN) 1, Edmond SC 91 Black (OK) 3
Goal Scorers: Strikers – Dylan Jordan (49:00), Edmond – Melissa McLaws (35:00), Alexandria Hampton (37:00), Brittany King (56:00)

Under-16 Boys
Tampa Knights (FL) 0, Concorde Fire Elite (GA) 3
Goal Scorers: Concorde – Chris Peacos (30:00), Connor Barbaree (38:00), Eduardo Gonzales (70:00)

Padova 90 (OK)
1, Andromeda (N. TX) 1 (1:0 PK)
Goal Scorers: Padova – Christian Ibeagha (43:00), Andromeda – Juan Bonigno (26:00)

Under-16 Girls
Dallas Texans 90 Red (N. TX)
2, D’Feeters (N. TX) 1
Goal Scorers: Dallas Texans – Lucy Key (27:00), Melissa Henderson (64:00), D’Feeters – Bethany Johnston (73:00)

Edmond SC 90 Black (OK) 4, Countryside (FL) 2
Goal Scorers: Edmond – Jordon Calhoun (17:00), Kendall Treadwell (24:00), Chelsea Cody (68:00), Kaylie Garcia (78:00), Countryside – Lindsay Thompson (33:00), Tiffany Frank (62:00)

Under-17 Boys
Atlanta Fire United Elite (GA) 1, Houstonians FC 88/89 (S. TX) 2
Goal Scorers: Atlanta – Sam Arthur (83:00), Houstonians – Javier Betancourt (60:00), Nicholas Jankovsky (68:00)

Dallas Texans 89 Red (N. TX) 2, Solar 89 (N. TX) 5
Goal Scorers: Texans – Justin Warren (70:00), Robert Burnett Jr. (88:00), Solar – Tuan Doan (70:00), Zachary Nulisch (19:00), Ian Smith (37:00), Hunter Jumper (45:00), Sean Callaway (75:00)

Under-17 Girls
Tennessee FC 89 Blue (TN) 0, Dallas Texans 89 Red (N. TX) 3
Goal Scorers: Dallas Texans – Elizabeth Gowda (36:00), Unknown – (42:00), Taylor Knaack (83:00)

Greensboro Twisters (NC) 1, 89 Phoenix Red (GA) 1 (3:2 PK)
Goal Scorers: Twisters – Carey Goodman (36:00), Phoenix – Samantha Diaz-Matosas (53:00)

Under-18 Boys
Concorde Fire Elite (GA)
3, Celtic 88 Green (OK) 2
Goal Scorers: Concorde – Miguel DaLilva (32:00), Adam Himeno (80:00), Johnny Lara (88:00), Celtic – Brandon Tee (82:00), John Hanger (90:00)

Dallas Texans 88 Red (N. TX) 3, Tennessee FC 88 (TN) 1
Goal Scorers: Dallas – William Dworsky (19:00) (74:00), Bahram Sajjadi (49:00), Tennessee – Wade Wonderlin (85:00)

Under-18 Girls
Dallas Texans 88 Red (N. TX)
6, Challenge 88 (S. TX) 2
Goal Scorers: Dallas Texans – Whitney Palmer (78:00), Catherine Ford (79:00), Caitlyn Carter (93:00), Lauren Wilmouth (97:00), Leslie Briggs (109:00) (119:00), Challenge – Whitney Hooper (6:00) (54:00)

Lazers 88 Elite (GA) 2, Countryside (FL) 2 (4:1 PK)
Goal Scorers: Lazers – Melissa Clarke (22:00) (118:00), Countryside – Vanessa Rengal (46:00), Courtney Whiddan (95:00)

Under-19 Boys
Aiken Fire (SC) 0, Dallas Texans 87 (N. TX) 3
Goal Scorers: Dallas – Jamal Geathers (96:00) (107:00), Robert Victor (111:00)

Weston FC (FL) 3, LFC Burn (LA) 3 (5:4 PK)
Goal Scorers: Weston – Alejandro Redoya (61:00) (108:00), Emanuel Chacon (93:00), Burn - Michael LeBlanc (8:00), Joseph Lanira (87:00), Ryan McDonald (115:00)

Under-19 Girls
Sting Dallas Royal 87 (N. TX)
4, Concorde Fire Elite (GA) 1
Goal Scorers: Sting – Anne Candee (49:00), Laura Robinson (51:00) (59:00), Amanda Alders (90:00), Concorde – Kristin Garmen (66:00)

CASL Spartan Elite (NC)
1, Baton Rouge (LA) 0
Goal Scorers: CASL – Ashley Church (118:00)

Regional winners of the Under-14 through Under-19 brackets earn a berth to the 2006 US Youth Soccer National Championships to be played July 25-30, in Des Moines, Iowa, at James W. Cownie Soccer Park.

2006 marks the 30th anniversary of the under-16 boys D.J. Niotis Cup and 15th Anniversary of the under-17 girls Laura Moynihan Cup. The James P. McGuire Cup is the oldest trophy in youth sport dating back to 1935 with the inaugural youth championships. The under-19 boys age group as the National Champion will hoist the McGuire Cup. This is the 71th anniversary of the storied cup.

Daily reports and complete results from the tournament will be available on


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