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Preliminary Games Continue at US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships

June 15, 2009 10:00 PM

US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships

Preliminary Games Continue at US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships

All nine Region IV defending champs mark one in the win column
Tomorrow's games determine teams to advance to quarterfinals
RECAP: Under-15 Boys and Under-17 Girls

LANCASTER, Calif. (June 16, 2009)
– The US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships continued today at Lancaster National Soccer Center in Lancaster, Calif. Teams have competed in more than 240 games and tomorrow's action will decide the 128 teams earning berths in quarterfinal brackets (Friday). Tomorrow's matches begin at 8 a.m. (PST) and continue throughout the day with the final matches beginning at 4 p.m.

In their first year at the Region IV Championships the Under-12 Girls CISC Velocity (AK) is building their reputation. Today's 3-2 win over Pride Predators (CO) added another mark in the win column for Velocity. In the 18th minute, Abigail Stahl put Velocity on the board, but Colorado's Tanner Haughn countered in the 21st minute to even the score. Stahl came back with a 41st minute shot for Velocity to take the lead, but once again, the Predators' found their equalizer from Matteson Cutt's 48th minute goal. Ashtyn Evans found the back of the net in stoppage time to solidify Velocity's win.

The Under-12  Girls LOSC Defeeters (OR) and Ballistic SO (NV) entered today's game after coming off first day losses. Within minutes of the whistle blowing, Sarah Garoutte had back-to-back Defeeters goals in the 3rd and 5th minutes. Krystal De Ramos put Ballistic on the board in 10th, but Mackenzie Maier's 19th minute goal gave Defeeters the 3-1 lead. After the half, Alexa Riley and Niccole Mullins had consecutive goals in the 56th and 57th minutes to tie the game 3-3.

The Under-12 Boys Neusport FC (NV) won by a landslide on day one, but broke even in today's game against Sereno 97 White (AZ). Neusport exploded with a first minute goal from Miles McRae, and then in the 15th, Daniel Higgins netted one for Sereno. McRae completed a hat trick with goals in the 58th and 65th minutes, with Sereno's Tanner Faggioni finding the back of the net in the 63rd. Izsak Fierro's 70th minute goal tied the game 3-3 for the final score.

In the Under-13 Boys age group, Boise Nationals Celtic (ID) had a 2-0 win over Magic City (MT) today. Peyton Harris (42:00) and Cole Thortnon (49:00) were the two goal scorers for Boise. Tomorrow, Boise plays Neusport Green (NV). Neusport is undefeated through the first two days of preliminary games.

Looking for their first win of the Region IV Championships, Under-17 Boys Real Rush Nike (HI) didn't hesitate to take control of today's game against LV Premier (NV). Raydan Bala shot two past the keeper in the 6th and 17th minutes, with teammate Robert Uemoto chipping in a 14th minute goal to give Real Rush the early 3-0 lead. Sheldon Carganilla extended the lead to 4-0 in the 27th minute, and Taylor Van Etten pushed it one more to 5-0 in the 62nd minute. LV Premier had a lone goal in the 65th for a 5-1 final score.

Eastside FC Red-Lee (WA) and CO Storm North Red (CO) played a game of back and forth scoring in today's match up. Eastside FC's Lucas De Morais knocked one in during the 14th minute, followed by Storm's Tesho Akindele's goal in the 16th minute. Eastside FC regained the lead thanks to a Liam Kelly's goal in the 19th minute, but again, Storm followed with a 25th minute shot from Ricardo Rodriguez. Both teams had a second half goal, Scott Geffre got one past the keeper in the 63rd for Eastside and Akindele scored his second of the game in the 75th minute for Storm. Eastside FC won 4-3.

The top 248 boys and girls US Youth Soccer teams from 14 State Associations that make up US Youth Soccer Region IV compete for the regional title.

Regional winners of the Under-14 through Under-19 age groups earn a berth to the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championships to be played in Lancaster, Mass., July 21-26, at Citizens Bank Fields at Progin Park.

Complete scores from today's action are below.

Boys Home   Visitor  
Under-12 (AK) NLSC Unity 0 (OR) Cascade FC Boca Jr 4
Under-12 (UT) UCFS Academy 0 (CA-N) Mustang Internazion 4
Under-12 (CA-N) Redwood Juventus CRS 4 (HI) HSC Bulls 1
Under-12 (CO) Real CO National 0 (WA) Crossfire Premier 0
Under-12 (NV) Neusport FC 3 (AZ) Sereno 97 White 3
Under-12 (WY) Jackson Hole Soccer 1 (CA-S) Legends FC 10
Under-13 (ID) Boise Natls Celtic 2 (MT) Magic City 0
Under-13 (HI) Real Rush Nike 0 (NV) Neusport Green 2
Under-13 (AZ)Scottsdale Blackhawks 0 (CA-S) West Coast FC 6
Under-13 (HI) Maui United 0 (WA) Crossfire Premier 5
Under-13 (AK) CISC Velocity 0 (CO) CO Storm Royal 8
Under-13 (CA-N) Santa Clara Sporting 6 (MT) FC Missoula 0
Under-13 (OR) NWSSA Eagles 4 (UT) La Roca Premier AO 3
Under-13 (WA)Washington Premier FC 5 (NM) Strikers FC 0
Under-14 (CA-S) Arsenal FC 2 (HI) Abunal 0
Under-14 (NV) SBSC United Red 6 (WY) Cheyenne Sting 0
Under-14 (AK) CISC Velocity 1 (AZ) SC del sol 95 White 8
Under-14 (CA-S) Albion White 2 (CA-N) Mission GS Real SF 1
Under-14 (OR) Cascade FC Atlas 0 (ID) Boise Natl Premier 4
Under-14 (CA-S) West Coast FC 1 (CO) CO Rush Nike 1
Under-14 (MT) Flathead Force 0 (WA) Eastside FC Storm 8
Under-14 (NM) NM Rush Stingers 4 (UT) La Roca PO 0
Under-15 (NM) NM Rush Nike 1 (AZ) Sereno 94 White 1
Under-15 (CA-S) Eagles 0 (CA-S) Arsenal FC 4
Under-15 (UT) La Roca Premier AO 2 (NM) Rio Vista FC 0
Under-15 (WA)Washington Premier FC 5 (ID) Idaho Rush Nike 0
Under-15 (CO) CO Rush Nike 9 (AK) NLSC Sparta 1
Under-15 (OR) WSM Premier 2 (NV) Players United 2
Under-15 (HI) Real Rush Nike 5 (MT) Helena Arsenal 0
Under-15 (CA-S) Aztecs FC 3 (CA-N) Santa Clara Sporting 4
Under-16 (CA-S) Arsenal FC 0 (HI) Real Rush Nike 0
Under-16 (CO ) CO Storm North Copa 0 (WA) Crossfire Premier 5
Under-16 (AZ) Sereno 93 White 0 (CA-N)Foothill MVLA Raptors 1
Under-16 (AK) Full Force 1 (NV) Cordica USA 3
Under-16 (OR) WSM Remix 1 (CA-S) West Coast FC 1
Under-16 (CA-S) Real So Cal White 4 (MT) Helena Arsenal 0
Under-16 (UT) Blue Knights Premier 0 (NM) Elite FC Gladiators 2
Under-16 (OR)Santos FC River Plate 3 (ID) Idaho Rush Nike 1
Under-17 (AK) AK Rush 0 (OR) ESUFC Liverpool 6
Under-17 (ID) Boise Capitals 0 (UT) La Roca Premier DP 1
Under-17 (CA-S) Slammers FC 1 (NM) Rio Vista FC 2
Under-17 (HI) Real Rush Nike 5 (NV) LV Premier 1
Under-17 (HI) HSC Bulls 3 (UT) Inter FC Premier 3
Under-17 (CO) CO Storm North Red 3 (WA) Eastside FC Red-Lee 4
Under-17 (CA-S) United FC 3 (CA-S) CZ Elite 3
Under-17 (CA-N) Mustang Ajax 1 (AZ) Pros 92 White 7
Under-18 (CA-N) Central Marin FC 4 (CA-S) Atlante S.D. 5
Under-18 (WA)Eastside FC Red-Storm 1 (CO) Arsenal CO Gold 2
Under-18 (UT) Impact Black CM 1 (HI) HSC Bulls 2
Under-18 (AZ) Sereno White 3 (ID) Coeur d'Alene Sting 0
Under-18 (ID) Boise Capitals 2 (OR) WSM International 3
Under-18 (NM) Rio Vista FC 0 (CA-S) FC Barcelona 2
Under-18 (NV) LV Premier 8 (MT) Magic City 1
Under-18 (UT) Sparta Premier 0 (AZ) Cisco Dragons 91 5
Under-19 (MT) Missoula Strikers 0 (CO)Colorado Rush Nike 4
Under-19 (CA-N) Turlock Tornados 2 (CA-S)DMS 11 3
Under-19 (AZ) Cisco Toros 3 (OR) WSM GUNNERS 1
Under-19 (NV) Neusport FC 0 (WA) River City SC Seely 4
Under-19 (HI) HSC Bulls 2 (AZ) GSC Arsenal Premier 0
Under-19 (UT) Sparta Premier 1 (NM) NM Rush Premier 2
Girls  Home   Visitor  
Under-12 (CO) Pride Predators 2 (AK) CISC Velocity 3
Under-12 (OR) LOSC Defeeters 3 (NV) Ballistic SO 3
Under-12 (CO) Real CO National 0 (AZ) Sereno 97 White 1
Under-12 (HI) Leahi Premier 1 (CA-N) Mustang Mavericks 1
Under-12 (WA) Eastside FC Red 0 (UT) Avalanche Premier 1
Under-12 (WA) FC Vancouver Glory 0 (CA-S) Arsenal FC 1
Under-13 (NV) Neusport Green 3 (UT) Sparta Premier 2
Under-13 (OR) LOSC Extreme 1 (CA-S) West Coast FC 1
Under-13 (HI) Leahi Premier 1 (AZ) Sereno 96 White 5
Under-13 (CA-N) Foothill MVLA Light 5 (CO) Pride Predators 0
Under-13 (NV) LV Premier White 2 (WA)Eastside FC RedBialek 0
Under-13 (NM) NM Clash FC America 0 (CA-N) Mustang Fury 7
Under-13 (ID)Boise Nationals Blast 4 (MT) Magic City 1
Under-13 (AK) CISC Velocity 1 (NM) Elite FC Barcelona 5
Under-14 (CA-S) SD Surf White 4 (MT) Magic City 0
Under-14 (AK) CISC Velocity 0 (CA-S) So Cal Blues 4
Under-14 (CA-S) X-treme Breakaway 5 (WA) SSFC White 1
Under-14 (NM) AUFC 95 Fusion 2 (CA-N) Mustang Blast 2
Under-14 (CO) CO Rush Nike 4 (UT) Utah Rush Nike 1
Under-14 (ID) Les Bois Elite 1 (HI) Leahi Premier 4
Under-14 (AZ) Sereno 95 White 1 (CA-S) Aresenal FC 0
Under-14 (NV) LV Premier Black 2 (OR) SSC Ireland 1
Under-15 (CA-S) CZ Elite Soccer 1 (UT) La Roca Premier PT 0
Under-15 (NV) LV Premier White 0 (CA-S) So Cal Blues 4
Under-15 (MT) Magic City 0 (OR) OR Rush Nike 4
Under-15 (WA) Evergreen Green 2 (HI) Real Rush Nike 2
Under-15 (AK) Eclipse 0 (ID) Les Bois Ginga 7
Under-15 (NM) Rio Vista FC Eagles 0 (CO) CO Rush Nike 0
Under-15 (AZ) Sereno 94 White 2 (CA-N) Mustang Rampage 1
Under-15 (HI) Ka'oi Express 0 (CA-S) Slammers FC 4
Under-16 (HI) Leahi Premier 1 (CO) CO Rush Nike 3
Under-16 (AK) AK Rush 3 (WY) Gillette Edge 2
Under-16 (NV) Neusport Green 0 (UT) La Roca Premier AO 1
Under-16 (MT) Magic City 0 (WA) Emerald City FC 1
Under-16 (CA-S) Slammers FC 1 (CA-N) Deanza Force Blue 0
Under-16 (NM) AUFC 1 (AZ) Sereno 93 White 0
Under-16 (OR) FC Portland Green 0 (CA-S) So Cal Blues 6
Under-16 (CA-S) Eagles 6 (ID) Les Bois Elite 0
Under-17 (ID) Les Bois Elite 1 (NM) Elite FC Titans 1
Under-17 (CA-S) Real So Cal Blue 2 (OR) Tualatin Hills Utd 0
Under-17 (CO) Storm Academy Copa 2 (WA) Crossfire Premier 2
Under-17 (CA-N) Deanza Force Blue 2 (AK) CISC Velocity 0
Under-17 (NV) FC Las Vegas Mundial 2 (CA-S) So Cal Blues 10
Under-17 (CA-N) Mustang Spirit 1 (AZ) Sereno 92 White 1
Under-17 (HI) Real Rush Nike 1 (AZ) GSC Arsenal Premier 1
Under-17 (NM) Rio Vista FC 0 (UT) Avalanche Premier 3
Under-18 (HI) Leahi Premier 1 (WA) Crossfire Premier 2
Under-18 (CA-N) Pleasanton Rage 6 (MT) Bozeman Blitzz 1
Under-18 (ID) Les Bois Elite 1 (AZ) SC del sol 91 1
Under-18 (NM) Elite FC Adrenaline 0 (OR) LOSC Soul Crew 5
Under-18 (CA-S) Slammers FC 4 (UT) Black Diamond SC 2
Under-18 (CA-S) Real SO Cal White 4 (CO) Real CO National 1
Under-18 (AK) AK Rush 1 (NV) Players SC Blue 4
Under-18 (OR) FC Portland Sapphire 1 (CA-S) So Cal Blues 1
Under-19 (ID) Xtreme 0 (WA) Shadow-Bushey 12
Under-19 (NM) Rio Vista FC 1 (CA-N)ARYSL San Juan Spirit 0
Under-19 (CO) CO Rush Nike 6 (OR-1)FC Portland Crimson 0
Under-19 (HI) Leahi Premier 0 (UT) Avalanche Premier 7
Under-19 (MT) Electric City Tboltz 0 (OR) WSM Galaxy 5
Under-19 (CA-S) Eagles 3 (AZ) SC del sol White 2

The James P. McGuire Cup is the oldest trophy in youth sport dating back to 1935 with the inaugural youth championships. The Under-19 Boys age group as the National Champion will hoist the McGuire Cup. This is the 74th anniversary of the storied cup.

Daily reports and complete results from the tournament will be available on Keep up to the minute with US Youth Soccer National Championship Series on Twitter.


About the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series – The US Youth Soccer National Championship Series provides more than 10,000 teams from US Youth Soccer's 55 State Associations the opportunity to showcase their abilities against the best in the nation while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and fair play. The yearlong competition begins with over 185,000 players in the US Youth Soccer State Championships.  These champions and selected wildcard teams, through US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues, advance to compete in one of four the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships. Champions (U-14 through U-19) from each regional event advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships.  The Under-15 through 17 Boys and Girls age groups have two teams representative of the US Youth Soccer National League, in which the top two teams in each gender age group earn a direct path to the national championships. Overall the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series provides the nation's top collegiate coaches with the premier stage to identify and scout the most coveted players in the country.
Media Request: When referring to the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, the most prestigious event in youth sports, please refer to the event as US Youth Soccer National Championship Series on first reference and National Championship Series on anything thereafter. Never refer to as NCS or USYS NCS. We appreciate your cooperation.

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Media Request: When referring to the United States Youth Soccer Association, the largest youth sports organization in the United States, please refer to the association only as US Youth Soccer, and never as USYS or USYSA. We appreciate your cooperation.



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