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US Youth Soccer Region I Championships Kickoff with a Bang

July 2, 2009 10:00 PM
Returning champions win five matches, tie three and are beaten in one game

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BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. (July 3, 2009) – The first day of round robin play kicked off at the 2009 US Youth Soccer Region I Championships today at Barboursville Soccer Complex, Huntington YMCA Kennedy Center and Scott Orthopedics Soccer Complex in the Huntington, W.Va.

Today's games brought mixed success to the returning regional champions.Under-15 Girls FC Stars of Massachusetts, Under-16 Girls Scorpions SC Elite (MA), Under-18 Girls FC Bucks Vipers (PA-E) and Under-14 Boys Dix Hills Thunder (NY-E) won their first matches. The Under-17 Girls PDA Fire (NJ), Under-17 Boys Lower Merion Velez (PA-E) and Under-19 Boys McLean Freedom (VA) tied their matches and Virginia's VSA Heat beat the Under-14 Girls Bethesda Freedom (MD).

In the Under-18 Boys age group, the FC Stars of Massachusetts came out strong against the Seacoast United Maine Hurricanes. Owen Hawkins scored the first two goals for the Stars in the 2nd and the 11th minutes. After the half, the Stars' William Booz put his team up by three with a goal in the 68th. A late push by Seacoast's John Murphy brought the Seacoast within one after Murphy's two goals. The Stars won 3-2.

East Fishkill Thunder from Eastern New York won big today against Virginia's SOCA Lightning, 6-0. In the 5th minute, Ian Tenzer first put Fishkill on the boards. Jake Keegan was the MVP of the match, scoring a hat trick and then tallying one more for good measure. Andrew Klokiw also scored in the 34th minute.

New York West's BC United Fusion beat Bruno United of Rhode Island after a hat trick by Karim Azeb. Azeb's goals were stretched throughout the game in the 24th, 30th and 88th minutes. The physical game was won 3-0 in the Fusion's favor.

After a scoreless first half, Spirit United Premier's Peter Adubato scored the game winning goal in the 73rd minute for the 1-0 win over Charleston FC Elite.

In the Under-15 Girls age group, the Pennsylvania West Beadling United and the New Jersey Wall Wombats went back and forth before Beadling won 3-2. Cassidy Benintente scored first for the Wombats in the 6th minute. In the 17th minute, Beadling countered with a goal by Joanna Platt. Amanda Hill put Beadling up by one with a tally in the 24th minute. The score held until Benintente tied the match. For the win, Rachel DellaFemine finished the match with a goal in the 70th minute and Beadling was able to maintain.

The Under-15 Girls Baltimore Bays versus Oakwood Blue had all three of their goals in the first 25 minutes. Kelsie Maloney scored the Bays first two goals in the 3rd and 20th minutes. Four minutes later, Kennedy Nickerson put one in for the Oakwood Blue, but it wasn't enough. The Baltimore Bays won 2-1.

The Under-15 Girls PDA Charge and FC Pennsylvania Strikers tied their first round robin match today. Kelly Kerrigan found the back of the net in the 12th minute for the Strikers. In the 43rd minute, Corey Delaney tied the match for PDA. FC Pennsylvania has already claimed a spot in the US Youth Soccer National Championships via the National League.

In under 10 minutes, the Under-15 Girls WV Lady Stingers versus Delaware's Kirkwood Freedom four goals were scored. Madeline McCormick kicked things off with a goal in the 45th minute. Their lead lasted for three minutes until the Lady Stingers' Haleigh Hoff scored two in the 48th and 49th minutes. Five minutes later, Christina Freibott tied the match for the Freedom, ending the match 2-2.

Today's scores…
Under-12 8v8 Boys
(DE) DSB Kickers 3 (RI) Warwick Firefighters 2
(ME2) Maine Coast United 0 (VA2) Great Falls Cougars 7
(WV) WVUSC Blue 1 (ENY2) Clifton Park Cobra 2
(VA1) VYS Premier Red 2 (ENY1) Blackwatch Rangers 2
(NYW) BYSA Red Eye II 1 (VT) Nordic Soccer Club 2
(CT) Morris SC 1 (ME1) Odyssey Sport 97 4
Under-12 8v8 Girls
(ENY) Alley Cats 2 (NYW2) Empire-Rochester 0
(VA1) PWSI Courage 96 Red 0 (NYW1) Empire -Syracuse 1
(ME2) Maine Coast United 0 (WV2) WV Chaos 3
(VA2) Loudoun 96 Red 7 (ME1) Seacoast Utd Maine 1
(RI) RI Rays Sting 0 (WV1) WVSC Arsenal 2
(VT) Far Post Soccer Club 0 (NYW3) CNY United Fury 2
Under-12 Boys
(PAW1) Stars United 2 (WV) WVSC 0
(NH1) Seacoast United SC 0 (CT1) Beachside 2
(ENY1) FC Westchester 97 1 (DE) Hockessin Thunder 0
(PAW2) Arsenal 0 (CT2) Oakwood Soccer Club 2
(NH2) Lightning SC 0 (EPA) Lehigh Valley Utd 4
(RI) Bayside 0 (ENY2) Manhattan Kickers 7
Under-12 Girls
(NJ)Montclair Colchesters 0 (EPA1)Spirit United Gaels 2
(NH1) Seacoast United SC 1 (PAW) Beadling 5
(NH2) Nashua World Cup 1 (DE1)Hockessin Lady Hawks 2
(CT) CFC Wolves 3 (DE2) CDSA Riptide 0
(WV) WVSC Rowdies Red 0 (EPA2) HMMS Eagle FC 5
Under-13 Boys
(ENY) FC Westchester 96 4 (VA) TASC Team America 95 0
(WV) WVSC Rowdies 0 (MA) North Shore United 6
(VT) Nordic Premier 2 (PAW1) Beadling 95ers 4
(PAW2) Arsenal 2 (NYW) Rochester FC 0
(RI) Black Watch Premier 0 (EPA) Lehigh Valley Utd 2
(NJ) Piscataway Chelsea 3 (CT) Oakwood Soccer Club 1
(ME)Maine Coast Utd 0 (DE) Hockession Arsenal 3
(MD) Bethesda Fire 6 (NH) NH Classics 1
Under-13 Girls
(PAW) Beadling Thunder 5 (NYW) Rochester FC 1
(DE) HSC Blast 1 (MD) Bethesda SC Freedom 0
(VA) Richmond Kickers 0 (CT)Rocky Hill CFC Wolves 2
(RI) Black Watch Premier 2 (VT1)Far Post Soccer Club 1
(ENY) East Islip Dragons 2 (WV) WVUSC Shox 1
(VT2) Nordic Soccer Club 0 (EPA) FC Bucks Revolution 3
(ME) Blackbear United 1 (NH) Granite FC COE 1
(MA) FC Stars of Mass 0 (NJ) PDA Slammers 2
Under-14 Boys
(RI) Bruno United 0 (VT) Nordic Premier 0
(ENY) Manhattan Ajax 0 (PAW) Beadling 2
(VA) Herndon Real Juniors 0 (EPA) FC Delco Cannibals 1
(ME)Seacoast United Maine 0 (MD) Baltimore Bays 2
(CT) Beachside of CT 2 (PL) Dix Hills Thunder 3
(WV) WVSC Wizards 0 (NH) NH Classics 2
(NYW) Empire United 1 (MA) FC Greater Boston 1
(DE) Hockessin Heat 0 (NJ) NJSA 04 United 1
Under-14 Girls
(CT) CFC Wolves 2 (ENY) Massapequa Elite 1
(VA) VSA Heat Blue 3 (MD) Bethesda Freedom 1
(PL) PDA Celtic 1 (WV) WVSC Rowdies 1
(NYW)Empire Utd Rochester 0 (DE) CSA Magic 1
(PAW) North United Fire 0 (ME)Maine Coast Utd Ninja 0
(NH) Seacoast Utd Premier 3 (VT) Nordic Soccer Club 1
(EPA) Lower Merion Heart 0 (NJ)Freehold Lady Striker 0
(MA)  Scorpions SC 8 (RI) Bruno United 0
Under-15 Boys
(PAW) Century V United 0 (PL) Spirit United Celtic 2
(NJ) PDA Ronaldo 1 (MA) NE Aztecs 0
(DE) HSC Strikers Premier 0 (RI) Black Watch RI 1
(CT) Bridgeport AYSO 1 (VT) Nordic Soccer Club 2
(NH) NH Classics 2 (ENY) Massapequa RR 1
(MD) Baltimore Bays 3 (ME) Odyssey Sport 0
(NYW)Empire Utd Rochester 0 (EPA) PSC Coppa 93 1
(WV) WVSC Elite 1 (VA) Herndon FC 1
Under-15 Girls
(NH) Seacoast Utd Premier 1 (ENY) Albertson Æ93 Fury 4
(PL) PDA Charge 1 (EPA) FC Penn Strikers 1
(MA) FC Stars of Mass 8 (RI) Jamestown Fortuna 1
(VA) Chantilly Burn 4 (ME) Odyssey Sport 97 0
(NYW)Empire Utd Rochester 2 (VT) Nordic Premier 0
(PAW) Beadling United 3 (NJ) Wall Wombats 2
(CT) Oakwood Blue 1 (MD) Baltimore Bays 2
(WV) WV Lady Stingers 2 (DE) Kirkwood Freedom 2
Under-16 Boys
(DE)DE United FC Blizzard 3 (ME)Maine Coast Utd Moxie 2
(NYW) CNY United FC Elite 0 (CT)West Hartford Premier 3
(MA) F.C. Puma 0 (PAW) Beadling Blue 0
(WV) EPIC Blast 0 (NJ) Pittsgrove Premier 4
(PL) Albertson Academy 1 (VA)MPS McLean Hurricanes 2
(EPA) Spirit United Coppa 0 (VT) Synergy United FC 2
(RI) Bruno United 1 (NH) Seacoast United SC 1
(ENY) Hicksville Strikers 2 (MD) Baltimore Bays 0
Under-16 Girls
(WV) Charleston FC Elite 0 (DE) Hockession Academy 2
(VT) Burlington Lakers SC 3 (ME)Maine Coast Utd Magic 2
(MA) Scorpions SC 4 (EPA) Spirit United Gaels 2
(NJ) Montclair United 2 (MD) Baltimore Bays 0
(ENY)Syosset Rough Riders 1 (VA) Braddock Road Azul 0
(RI) RI Rays Sting 1 (PAW) Century V United 2
(PL) Bethesda Dragons 3 (NYW) Empire Utd Buffalo 0
(NH) Seacoast United SC 0 (CT) CFC United 4
Under-17 Boys      
(WV) RVSC Rapids 0 (DE) Kirkwood SC Nemesis 2
(NYW) BC United Fusion 6 (VT) Capital Soccer Club 0
(PL) Lower Merion 1 (RI) Bruno United 1
(PAW) Beadling 2 (ME)Seacoast United Maine 2
(EPA) YMS Xplosion 1 (NJ) TSF Academy Celtic 0
(NH) Nashua Wolves 0 (CT) Beachside of CT 5
(VA) Great Falls 91 Elite 1 (MD)Pachuca FC USA Int'l 0
(MA) FC Blazers 1 (ENY) Massapequa Aces 2
Under-17 Girls      
(RI) RI Rays 1 (CT) CFC United 5
(PL) McLean Dragons 1 (NJ) PDA Fire 1
(NYW) Empire Utd Buffalo 2 (VA) Vista Shockwave 1
(DE) CDSA Power 1 (WV) WVSC GoalGirls 0
(VT) Far Post Soccer Club 4 (ME) Odyssey Sport 0
(EPA) Hershey Attack 2 (MD) Laurel Lightning 1
(ENY) Albertson 91 Fury 2 (MA)  FC Stars of Mass 1
(PAW) Beadling Inferno 0 (NH) Seacoast Utd Premier 1
Under-18 Boys      
(ME)Seacoast United Maine 2 (MA) FC Stars of Mass 3
(DE) DE United FC 1 (VT) Far Post Soccer Club 1
(VA) SOCA Lightning 0 (ENY)EastFishkill Thunder 6
(EPA) V/E Blast 5 (NH) Seacoast United SC 1
(RI) Bruno United 0 (NYW) BC United Fusion 3
(PAW) Allegheny Force 1 (NJ) PDA Cruyff 0
(PL) Spirit United Premie 1 (WV) Charleston FC Elite 0
(CT) FSA SoccerPlus Utd 2 (MD) SAC United Premier 1
Under-18 Girls      
(WV) WVUSC Vision 5 (ME)Seacoast United Maine 0
(VA) McLean Freedom 6 (CT2) CFC Lazers 1
(PAW) Beadling 0 (NYW) Surge SC 0
(DE) DE Utd Blue Monkeys 2 (NH) Granite FC 0
(EPA) FC Bucks Vipers 4 (CT1) CFC United 1
(NJ) Montclair United 2 (MA) South Shore Select 0
(ENY) Albertson Æ90 Fury 0 (PL) Arsenal World Class 1
(MD) Laurel Wildcats 4 (RI) Warwick Firefighters 2
Under-19 Boys      
(MD2) Potomac Cougars 0 (MA) FC Greater Boston 3
(ENY)Yonkers Utd Tornados 1 (DE) Hockessin Blizzard 0
(VT) Nordic Soccer Club 1 (WV) WVSC Elite 0
(NYW) Rochester FC 3 (NJ2) Matchfit Chelsea 3
(CT)Burlington Revolution 1 (VA2) PWSI Courage 89 Red 0
(NJ1) Parsippany SC Rev. 2 (VA1) MPS McLean FC 2
(MD1) Baltimore Bays 2 (PAW) Century V United 0
(EPA) FC Delco Blast 5 (RI) Bayside Stompers 0
Under-19 Girls      
(WV) RVSC Shock 2 (NH) Seacoast Utd Premier 5
(NJ) Matchfit Chelsea 3 (DE) CSA Courage 0
(VA) McLean MPS Freedom 0 (MA) South Shore Select 1
(PAW) PFA Steel 1 (MD) Freestate Shooters 4
(EPA) FC DELCO Fury II 2 (NYW)Empire Utd Rochester 0
(ENY) Albertson 89 Fury 3 (CT) CFC United 0

Regional winners of the Under-14 through Under-19 age groups earn a berth to the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championships to be played July 21-26, at Citizens Bank Fields at Progin Park in Lancaster, Mass.

The James P. McGuire Cup is the oldest trophy in youth sport dating back to 1935 with the inaugural youth championships. The Under-19 Boys age group as the National Champion will hoist the McGuire Cup. This is the 74th anniversary of the storied cup.

Daily reports and complete results from the tournament will be available on Keep up to the minute with US Youth Soccer National Championship Series on Twitter.


About the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series – The US Youth Soccer National Championship Series provides more than 10,000 teams from US Youth Soccer's 55 State Associations the opportunity to showcase their abilities against the best in the nation while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and fair play. The yearlong competition begins with over 185,000 players in the US Youth Soccer State Championships.  These champions and selected wildcard teams, through US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues, advance to compete in one of four the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships. Champions (U-14 through U-19) from each regional event advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships.  The Under-15 through 17 Boys and Girls age groups have two teams representative of the US Youth Soccer National League, in which the top two teams in each gender age group earn a direct path to the national championships. Overall the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series provides the nation's top collegiate coaches with the premier stage to identify and scout the most coveted players in the country.

Media Request: When referring to the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, the most prestigious event in youth sports, please refer to the event as US Youth Soccer National Championship Series on first reference and National Championship Series on anything thereafter. Never refer to as NCS or USYS NCS. We appreciate your cooperation.

About the United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer) – US Youth Soccer - "The Game for ALL Kids!®" is the largest youth sports organization in the country and largest member of the United States Soccer Federation, the governing body of soccer in the United States. US Youth Soccer registers more than 3 million players annually, ages 5 to 19, and over 900,000 administrators, coaches and volunteers in 55 member State Associations. US Youth Soccer programs provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for players at every level of the game. For more information, visit
Media Request: When referring to the United States Youth Soccer Association, the largest youth sports organization in the United States, please refer to the association only as US Youth Soccer, and never as USYS or USYSA. We appreciate your cooperation.



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