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US Youth Soccer State Cup Champions Secure Tickets to Next Stage of Series

June 8, 2011 10:00 PM

US Youth Soccer State Cup Champions continue to qualify for the 2011 US Youth Soccer Regional Championships in their respective regions. This year the four cities are serving as host Lancaster, Penn. (Region I – East), Fox Cities, Wis. (Region II – Midwest), Murfreesboro, Tenn. (Region III – South), and Boise, Idaho (Region IV – West).

The state and regional events are a part of the annual US Youth Soccer National Championship Series that features over 10,000 teams, each competing for a chance to advance from state, to region and ultimately the national championship. In addition to the competition, teams are highlighting their talents for numerous college coaches that use the events as a primary recruiting tool.

Each regional championship will consist of three days of preliminary games followed by elimination rounds to determine the field of 60 teams for the 2011 US Youth Soccer National Championships.

The traditional 48 teams will advance through the first two stages of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series where more than 10,000 teams begin their journey at the US Youth Soccer State Championships. State champions advance to the one of four US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, where 926 teams will compete. The National Championship field consists of these regional champions and National League representatives.

In 2007, the US Youth Soccer National League expanded the Under-15 through Under-17 fields at the National Championships with two league qualifiers in each division. The league is an extension of the highly successful regional leagues.

You can follow all of the moments from the first kicks of the regional events to the hoisting of the national crowns here on

As regional qualifiers are determined, names will be posted here by state:

In addition to this site you can follow the National Championship Series on Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter:  (#usysncs – use this hashtag for any tweets you post on the events)





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