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Important Team Information

Housing Non-Compliance Policy

In accordance with the Region I Policy (approved by all NSA’S in 2003 and updated 2010) teams will be required to use Region I Housing. Any team that chooses not to stay in the NSA assigned hotel must pay, to Region I, a Non-Compliance fee of $750.00. 

The Region I Administrator must receive payment on or before the closing of the Team Official Registration or the team will not be allowed to take the field.  Teams securing their own housing may stay in non-tournament hotels only.



Schedules will be released on Region I Website on June 21st. The Region I Championships Committee conducted a blind draw and the schedule format is based on the luck of the draw formula. Matching schedules for coaches who coach more than one (1) team cannot be entertained.   Regional Cup Policy: Once the draw has been conducted and a drop occurs, the replacement takes the slot vacated by the state that withdrew.


Mandatory Team Official Registration

Dates/Locations/Registration times TBA


Mandatory Team Official Meetings

Dates/Locations/Registration times TBA



Mandatory Opening Ceremonies

Dates/Locations/Registration times TBA

Event is Mandatory for the U12 through U18 age groups and Optional for U19’s.  Report Time in staging area of the stadium is 5:00pm and start time is 6:00pm.


Instructions for Mandatory Online Registration

All teams participating in the Region I Championships are REQUIRED to register their team information into the US Youth Soccer Event Management System.  Team Managers can access the instructions by clicking HERE or by clicking the EMS - Registration Info from the menu on the right.


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