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Region IV Championships Team Information

region 4 final

2017 Region IV Championships

June 19-25, 2017

Seattle, Wash.


General Information

The 2017 US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships schedule will be posted around Wednesday, May 31. Preliminary games will be played from Monday, June 19 to Wednesday, June 21, with games staggered to give college coaches the maximum possibility to see an age group.

Regional Program Roster Entry Deadline: June 5
Team Roster Lock Date: June 12 at 11:59 pm PT

Event Information


Bracket Draw
Elimination Rounds Schedule

Parking Information (will take you to USYouthSoccer.Org for info)

Field Map
Potential Alternative Routes (TBA)

Hotel Information **Teams must qualify prior to booking hotel rooms**
Volunteer Sign Up
Stay to Play Policy

Video Info:
Julian Lipovestky
High Soccer Video
(909) 638-7142


2017 Practice Fields

Due to extremely high rental costs and an inability to determine where practice facilities need to be located, there will be no specific practice sites reserved in the Seattle area. Teams are encouraged to look in the general area of their hotels for parks or open space suitable for practice.

FWR Protocol for Red Cards

Because of risk management concerns, a new protocol on red cards will be tested at the NCS regional tournaments in Region I and Region IV.  The change is as follows:

Red carded players will be allowed to remain on the team bench for the remainder of the game from which they are ejected.  They will no longer be removed to the spectator side of the field.  Team officials will be responsible for monitoring the player's behavior for the remainder of the game.  Ejected players who continue to be disruptive will be removed by a state representative and will be subject for suspension for the remainder of the tournament.

Red carded coaches will continue to be sent completely away from the game site.