Regionals Live


July 5, 2016

Time Group Home Away Field  
7:30 AM U-15 Boys HMMS Eagle FC 00 Titans LMSC Sabertooth Rats Cabell LIVE
7:30 AM U-19 Boys Smithtown Kickers SC Baltimore Celtic Hurricane LIVE
7:30 AM U-16 Boys Loudoun Red Fewster FC Marshall LIVE
9:00 AM U-19 Girls McLean 96 Green Vincent United Hurricane LIVE
9:00 AM U-16 Girls SDA 99/00 FC Pennsylvania Strikers Marshall LIVE
9:00 AM U-15 Girls Princeton SA IGFA 00/01 HBC Impact 00 Cabell LIVE
10:30 AM U-17 Girls FC Copa Celeste Beadling Bulldogs Marshall LIVE
10:30 AM U-18 Boys Lehigh Valley United Dix Hills Elite Cabell LIVE
10:30 AM U-14 Girls BRYC 01 Elite South Shore Select Elite Hurricane LIVE
12:00 PM U-18 Girls Beadling SC Wolfpack SDA 97/98 Cabell LIVE
12:00 PM U-17 Boys Loudoun 98 Red Pipeline Black Marshall LIVE
12:00 PM U-14 Boys Baltimore Darby FCV Ashburn Elite Hurricane LIVE


Please be aware that, due to the back-to-back nature of our games today, streams may start 5-10 minutes late as our streaming group switches information around for the next set up games. 

*Subject to Change

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