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Semifinals set for 2012 US Youth Soccer Region II Championships in Michigan

Preliminary games day 3 of 3 
Semifinal games to be played Tuesday 

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SAGINAW, Mich. (June 25, 2012) – More than 200 teams began play at the US Youth Soccer Region II (Midwest) Championships by National Guard, and Monday the field was whittled down to 56 semifinal teams as teams extended or ended their quest for a national championship.  As temperatures cooled off, the intensity heated up as teams competed on the final day of pool play to earn a coveted spot for tomorrow’s semifinals.

After draws in each of their first two games, Under 16 Boys WAZA FC East of Michigan, finally earned a convincing 5-2 win over Marshalltown Matrix of Iowa.  After getting down 1-0, Marshalltown would take the lead in the first half. Martin Chavarria’s set piece put Marshalltown on the board and a rocket from 30 yards out by Alejandro Martinez would put them up by one. WAZA would fire off four unanswered goals in the last 20 minutes of the game to claim the victory, led by a Garrett Nitschke double.

In similar fashion, United 1996 FC 96 International (KY) faced an early deficit, but battled back for a 2-1 win over CUP Crew Jr Gold 95 (OH-S). Amar Sejdic scored both goals for United. Despite the loss on day three, CUP Crew Jrs advance to the semifinals thanks to victories on the first two days of the tournament.

OFC Elite 1 95/96 (NE) and KCFC Futura Academy I (MO) played for pride as they looked to finish the week on a positive note. OFC Struck first on a James Narke goal in the 17th minute, but KCFC was resilient and took the lead thanks to Jose Payan and Cody Hoffman goals in the 56th and 58th minutes respectively. Logan Kinney would level the game for OFC in in the 61st and Chase McCann netted the game winner for OFC in the 78th minute.

Looking to build on a run to the 2011 national championship final game, Michigan Jaguars (MI) notched in third win in as many days, beating fellow US Youth Soccer National League team, Classics Eagles Red (OH-S) 3-0. The Jaguars continued their balance attack with three different players finding the net on the day. After advancing to the 2011 US Youth Soccer National Championships via the National League, Jaguars must win the regional championship for a chance to improve upon last year’s performance.

In U-15 Girls’ action, Prior Lake Splash Premier (MN) earned its first point on the week with a hard-fought draw against Michigan Jaguars (MI). Defensive stops repeatedly denied offensive strikes, and the game ended in a 0-0 tie.

Internationals 96 Red (OH-N) played its way into the semifinal round with a 4-0 win over SD United Legacy (SD). Nine different players have scored for Internationals this week, with four netted multiple goals. This balanced attack is supported by a staunch defense, which has yet to give up a goal in regionals.

Red Swarm Premier (OH-S) and Javanon 97 Black (KY) combined for a total of 11 goals when they met on the final day of preliminary games. Led by Stephanie Rowland and Devin Spratt-Erhart who each scored twice on the day, Javanon cruised to a 8-3 victory.

The winner of Pool C in U-15 Girls group play was decided as pool leaders KC Metro Dynamos (KS) and Lake Country United Red 96/97 (WI) met on Monday. Jamie Kutey gave KC Metros the lead in the 26thminute, but just seven minutes later Julia Zach answered for Lake Country United. Katherine Schmidt gave Lake Country a 2-1 lead with a strike in the 45th minute. As time waned, KC Metro began committing numbers forward looking to tie the game and advance to the semis. Lake Country United held on to the lead and the exciting win.

All semifinals are scheduled to be played at the Saginaw Township Soccer Complex. Regional champions will be crowned following final games on Wednesday, June 27 to see who will represent the Midwest at the 2012 US Youth Soccer National Championships this July in Rock Hill, S.C.

US Youth Soccer State Champions and select wildcards in the U-13 through U-19 Boys and Girls age groups from 14 state associations, including host Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, are participating in the event. The other state associations represented are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio North, Ohio South, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Monday Scores:

Group Rep Away Score Rep Home Score
Under-13 WI FC Milwaukee Blue 4 MN Dakota Rev Riptide 1
Under-13 MO Futura Academy Forte 3 IA JUSC Premier 0
Under-13 ND Tri-City Storm Black 0 NE OFC 98/99 Elite 1 10
Under-13 IL St. Louis Scott Gallagher Metro Blue 1 KY Kings Soccer Academy Gold 99 0
Under-13 OH-S CUP Crew Jrs Gold 5 SD DASC Black  0
Under-13 IN Carmel United Elite 99 1 MI Michigan Hawks 2
Under-13 OH-N Cleveland FC 0 KS BVSC Stars Aberdeen  2
Under-14 WI Mequon United 0 MI Vardar West 98 3
Under-14 IN FC Pride 98 Elite 0 IL Eclipse Select Tri Cities 97/98 3
Under-14 OH-N Ambassadors FC 6 MO St. Louis Scott Gallagher Premier Navy 0
Under-14 IL Eclipse Select North Black 97/98 0 NE OFC  97/98 Elite 1 3
Under-14 KY KSA 97 Gold 0 OH-S Warren County United Blue 97 0
Under-14 IA Alliance Speed 2 OH-N Greater Toledo FC 1
Under-14 MN Minneapolis United Black Premier 1 KS KCU Rangers 97/98 3
Under-14 SD DASC Black 0 IA JUSC Premier (IA) 0
Under-15 MO Futura FC Academy Premier 3 OH-S Kings Soccer Academy 2
Under-15 MO Lou Fusz Wipke 4 IA VSA Elite 0
Under-15 NE Omaha FC Elite 1 96/97 2 IL NSA Jaguars 4
Under-15 IN SFSC Lady Bluez 0 OH-N Cleveland FC 2
Under-15 KS KC Metro Dynamos 1 WI Lake Country United Red 96/97 2
Under-15 OH-S Red Swarm Premier 3 KY Javanon 97 Black 8
Under-15 SD SD United Legacy 0 OH-N Internationals 96 Red 4
Under-15 MN Prior Lake Splash Premier 0 MI Michigan Jaguars 0
Under-16 MO KCFC/Futura Academy 2 NE OFC 95/96 Elite 1 0
Under-16 OH-N CSA Impact 1 IA Iowa City Alliance - Heatwave 1
Under-16 MN Eden Prairie SC Fusion 0 IL FC UNITED 4
Under-16 OH-N Cleveland United White 1 MI MI Gators FC 96 Orange 0
Under-16 SD Rushmore 16 Gold 0 MO SLSG Premier Navy 4
Under-16 OH-S Hammer FC 4 KY Lexington FC 96 Premier 0
Under-16 KS KC Fusion Academy 95/96 3 WI Lake Country United Red 0
Under-16 IN Zionsville 96 Select I 0 OH-N Internationals 95 Red 1
Under-17 KY KSA Gold 94 1 OH-S Blast FC  0
Under-17 IL Team Chicago Academy Botafogo 2 NE Omaha FC Elite One 94/95 0
Under-17 MI Michigan Football Club 95 0 KS KCFC Intensity 3
Under-17 SD Rushmore 17 Gold 0 WI Appleton Goal Getters 4
Under-17 MN Eden Prairie Showcase 0 WI North Shore United 3
Under-17 IN ZYSA 95 Select 1 KY Javanon 95 Black 2
Under-17 OH-N Internationals SC 94 0 MO Harambe Viati  0
Under-17 IA CRSA Black 2 MI Michigan Hawks 95 Black 0
Under-18 MI Michigan Gators 94 Orange 3 KY Mockingbird 94 Premier 1
Under-18 IA JUSC/WDM Premier Force 1 IN SWISA Rush 3
Under-18 OH-S Hammer FC 2 MN St Croix Scorpions 0
Under-18 MO Kolping Kicks SC Schmitt 4 NE Toro Bravo 1
Under-18 SD DASC Black 0 IL NSA Premier Fury 5
Under-18 OH-S Cincinnati Soccer Alliance Elite 3 MI Michigan Jaguars 94 Green 1
Under-18 KS KC United Metros 1 MI Grand Rapids Crew Juniors Gold 94 4
Under-18 IL CFJ Red 11 1 OH-N Internationals 3
Under-19 IL Eclipse Select 92/93 0 KY Mockingbird 93 Premier 0
Under-19 IL CL Force Elite 4 NE OFC 92/93 1
Under-19 OH-S OP Elite 1 WI FC Milwaukee Nationals 2
Under-19 MN Eden Prairie SC United 4 SD DASC Black 0
Under-19 OH-N Cleveland FC 5 IA JUSC/WDM Premier 2
Under-19 MO St. Louis Scott Gallagher Green - Moser 5 KS KCFC Intensity 92/93 1
Under-19 IN Carmel United Elite 93 0 MI Michigan Hawks 93 2
Group Rep Away Score Rep Home Score
Under-13 SD DASC Black 0 MO St. Louis Scott Gallagher SC Elite 98/99 6
Under-13 OH-S NWC Alliance 98 Black 1 NE Strikers 1
Under-13 KS Sporting KC Juniors 1 IA WDM Royal 0
Under-13 MN MN Thunder Academy 1 MI Vardar 99 1
Under-13 IN Carmel United 99 Elite 1 IL Chicago Magic Preacademy 4
Under-13 KY 99 Mockingbird Premier 2 OH-N Internationals 1
Under-13 KY Bluegrass  0 WI KASL United FC Red 7
Under-14 KS KCFC Academy 1 OH-N Pacesetter 98 Red 2
Under-14 IN Millennium Heat 1 WI North Shore United 0
Under-14 IA West Des Moines Arsenal 0 IL Libertyville FC 1974 3
Under-14 SD SD United Galaxy 0 NE Omaha FC Elite 1  3
Under-14 OH-S CUP Crew Jrs 97 1 MI Vardar 98 4
Under-14 OH-S OP Eagles Dublin G1 2 IN Carmel United 98 Elite 0
Under-14 MN MN Thunder Academy 98 Blue 2 MO Sporting Kansas City Juniors 1
Under-14 KY Javanon 98 Black 0 IL Chicago Magic Preacademy 1 4
Under-15 OH-N PFC 1 IL Chicago Magic 1
Under-15 IA JUSC Liverpool 1 NE OFC 96/97 Elite 1 3
Under-15 OH-S CUP Crew Jrs Gold 96/97 4 SD DASC Black 0
Under-15 MN St. Paul United Elite 0 KY Bluegrass 97 White 0
Under-15 OH-N Challenger Crew Jrs. Black 1 OH-S Classics Eagles Red 0
Under-15 MO Futura Inter 96/97 Blue 1 MN MN Thunder Academy Elite Blue 97 4
Under-15 WI United FC 1 MI Grand Rapids Crew Jrs. 2
Under-15 IN Dynamo FC 97 Red 0 KS Sporting BVSC 96/97 1
Under-16 MN Edina Swarm 0 OH-N Ambassadors 1
Under-16 SD SD United Barcelona 0 IL Team Evanston Premier 3
Under-16 IA Marshalltown Matrix 2 MI WAZA FC East 96 Black 5
Under-16 KY United 1996 FC 96 International 2 OH-S CUP Crew Jr Gold 95 1
Under-16 NE OFC Elite 1 95/96 3 MO KCFC Futura Academy I 2
Under-16 OH-S Classics Eagles Red 0 MI Michigan Jaguars 96 Green 3
Under-16 KS Kansas Rush Nike 95/96 2 WI Everton 95/96 1
Under-16 MO Lou Fusz Geerling 1 IN Carmel United SC Elite 96 2
Under-17 NE Omaha FC 94/95 E1 4 MO Raytown SC BGFC 94/95 3
Under-17 MI Waza FC West 95 Black 4 MN St. Croix Juventus 1
Under-17 IL Raiders FC Premier 3 IA WDMSC Arsenal 0
Under-17 SD SD United Arsenal 0 IL Galaxy 94/95 Blue 11
Under-17 KS Sporting BVSC Boca 1 OH-S Classics Eagles 2
Under-17 OH-N Everest SC Black 1 IN Fort Wayne Fever Academy 0
Under-17 WI SC Waukesha Pumas 3 KY United 1996 FC 95 International 2
Under-17 SD DASC Black 0 MO SLSG Elite 94/95 2
Under-18 IL Ajax FC Chicago  0 MI Grand Rapids Crew Jrs 4
Under-18 MI Kingdom Premier 5 WI Elm Grove Blues 4
Under-18 OH-S Blast FC 3 NE Omaha FC Elite 1 93/94 0
Under-18 MI Michigan Wolves 94 0 MN St. Croix Rossoneri 0
Under-18 IL Galaxy 93/94 Blue 2 IA EIU Blue 2
Under-18 OH-N Cleveland Whitecaps 2 IN Fort Wayne Fever 94 Black 4
Under-18 MI Waza FC 94 Black 4 KY KSA Elite 93 1
Under-18 SD DASC Black 1 MO Lou Fusz SC Gold 2
Under-19 IA WDM Fire 1 IN Carmel United SC Elite 93 2
Under-19 MO Futura FC Velocity 0 WI NSC - FCGB New United 3
Under-19 NE OFC E1 92/93 2 IL Strikers FV Premier 3
Under-19 MI TNT Dynamite 93 1 MO St. Louis Scott Gallagher SC Academy 6
Under-19 OH-S Crew Juniors 3 KS KCFC Rangers 92/93 2
Under-19 SD SD United Madrid 2 KY United1996 FC 93 Internationals 2
Under-19 MN Blackhawks 2 OH-N Pacesetter Premier 4

Regional winners of the Under-14 through Under-19 age groups earn a berth to the 2012 US Youth Soccer National Championships July 25-29, at Manchester Meadows in Rock Hill, S.C.

The US Youth Soccer National Championships will consist of US Youth Soccer Regional Champions in the Under-14 through Under-19 Boys and Girls age groups as well as the US Youth Soccer National League qualifiers in the Under-15 through Under-17 Boys and Girls age groups to complete the field of 60 teams. 

Daily reports and complete results from the tournament are available on Follow the moments from the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series on Twitterand share the moments with us on Facebook.


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